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Centralized, cross-platform package deployment, configuration and change management.

Bombardier is a command-line system that allows system admins to manage a large number of computers the datacenter over ssh. You can compare Bombardier to Chef ( or ControlTier ( Bombardier has a more secure architecture than either of those systems and provides a better user interface (i.e. command-line) that (we think) most system administrators will prefer to web-based interfaces for daily work (which you are limited to with the other products).

For common tasks such as deploying software or making changes to system configuration, this tool can make these tasks a lot faster and a lot more reliable. The basic approach is to drive automated SSH sessionsover Expect. There are three major pieces of code to this bombardier:

- A "client," which installs on the computers you want to manage. The client does not run as a service, so it is more accurately described as client-side libraries. The client software can be automatically installed by the server.

- The server, which runs under Apache and provides a ReST interface, and a daemon. The daemon is responsible for managing ssh connections to the computers in the network.

- A command-line interface (CLI), which provides an efficient Cisco-style command-line tool for driving the whole system.

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