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This is a project aimed at producing a file sharing client using the ADC protocol. It also supports connecting to the Direct Connect network.

When asking a question, remember to ask it in English only. Also, please mention your operating system and your DC++ version. Don't forget to mark your questions as Open if you didn't find out your answer.

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  • DC++ 0.868 is now available on 2018-11-25
    A year after the previous version, DC++ 0.868 is now available with various l...
  • DC++ 0.867 is out on 2017-10-21
    This new version of DC++ fixes a publicly disclosed remote crash issue that p...
  • DC++ 0.866 is out on 2017-05-20
    This new version of DC++ fixes a serious issue that allows remote denial of s...
  • DC++ 0.865 is out and stable on 2017-02-07
    DC++ 0.865 has been released. zlib and OpenSSL libraries have been updated; t...
  • DC++ 0.864 has been pulled out on 2017-01-19
    Tests with the 0.864 version of DC++ have uncovered a transfer issue (see htt...