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Deditor is a tool that brings python and a text-editor together in multiple ways.

 Large under the hood changes to fit with the new DPlug system.
 Rewritten the tab system to be globally accesible by plugins
 Improved the Customize plugin


python (>=2.6)
wxPython (2.8) sudo apt-get install wxgtk2.8
(pylint if you want to use the code analyzing)

Because deditor is built upon plugins only the features of those plugins that come bundled with deditor are listed here.
You can disable these at your will or install other plugins to enhance your deditor experience.
- Small and very extensible
- Easy project management
- Python Shell
- Python Code Analyzing
- Python Code Inspection (will be enhanced)
- Completion of module, class, function calls *
basic editor features like syntax highlighting and code folding are not listed here but are there ;)

* completion is for the moment regarded as providing a list with possible arguments after you pressed the dot
For example os. will give you a list with options like getcwd() and path.

is under construction


Deditor is a light-weight python-specific text-editor. It is written in python using the wxpython toolkit. Everything is structured in one easy to use window without too many popups that could distract you.

Although deditor supports syntax-highlighting for multiple languages (78) it is developed especially for python-developers. There is a python shell (which you can disable if you don't need it), and there is a code analyzing, code inspecting, code-completion and also the whole Plugin System is python-written which makes it easy for python developers to add their own plugin to ease their lives.

The editor itself supports syntax-highlighting, folding, multiple-files at once, text searching, auto-indentation, ...

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Latest version is 0.4.0
released on 2012-07-06

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  • 0.4.0 in development on 2012-04-12
    rewritten (again) deditor. This time the tab system is reviewed and the anno...
  • 0.3 In development + ppa on 2011-06-09
    A new release cycle 0.3 is in development, this is a major rewrite of the 0.2...
  • 0.2.5 on 2011-03-08
    0.2.5 is on it's way :D Also the docs have been rewritten ;)
  • 0.2.4 + Extra on 2011-01-04
    A new <beta> version of deditor is underway! And on the same day another <ne...
  • Wiki coming! on 2010-11-26
    There is a wiki in development @