Déjà Dup 10.0

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Déjà Dup
Michael Terry
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5 Michael Terry
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Release notes 

* Use GIO, letting one backup to FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Networking servers.
* Add a 'Details' box when backing up or restoring. This lets you see the
  full path of each file as it is touched (rather than just the filename).
* If the user tries to backup or restore for the first time, show the relevant
  preferences in the wizard directly. Don't require that they first open the
  Preferences window.
* Add a more complete summary right before user approves a backup or restore.
* Bug fixes and UI tweaks
* New Indonesian and Turkish translations
* Updated Finnish, French, and Russian translations


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Add support for backing up to a Samba share. 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
347594 #347594 deja-dup always asks for SSH password 4 Medium Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
358988 #358988 Run the preferences window at first start or add a wizard 4 Medium Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
353838 #353838 Support for network locations (gvfs) 6 Wishlist Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
359528 #359528 support of ftp and Web Dav as backup destination 6 Wishlist Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
374277 #374277 Would be nice to have more details about what's going on 6 Wishlist Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
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