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DeTraS provides several tools to track development activities by registering applications that developers use on a X Window session. It also allows you to send collected data to a server and takes care about your privacy. The idea behind DeTraS is taken from Timeline, a shell script written by Nat Friedman.

Currently, you cannot collaborate with DeTraS development because it will be part of my Final Year Project and if you did my work would not be fair ;-).

In spite of that, I would really appreciate if you take the time to report bugs and if you send collected data in your system to default server. I promise you that all data compiled will be used to improve DeTraS and make some studies for my thesis about how developers work.


If you want to know more about DeTraS, you can visit our blog (clicking on Home Page below), or follow us on Twitter (

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0.5 series is the current focus of development.

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