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Gnome2 taskbar applet, AWN Applet, Mate taskbar applet and stand alone dock with groupping and group manipulation.

Dockbar is intended to be free and open software. You are encouraged to contribute by proposing new features in a detailed blueprint describing the use case and the main success scenario. You can redistribute and change whenever and whatever wanted respecting and including the license. Please provide your name, what you've changed and the original author in any altered file, respecting the work of others.

We would like to encourage you to report all bugs here, as it's easier to maintain, track and target them. You will be personally contacted about the bug status every time it has been updated and we can easily contact you to gather more information about the problem.

Please check the FAQ list before posting a new question. The FAQ should provide most of the information needed to get started. If a question submitted is relevant to all users, it will be converted into a FAQ. Regular documentation (for example about theming) can be found at

There are ubuntu/debian packages available for both Dockbar series inside the Dockbar Main Group PPA, which is located at . For distribution independent files, please check the download section.

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dockbarx series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 0.91

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