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A programming language for Microsoft .NET and Xamarin Mono. The new compiler is self-hosting and uses IKVM.NET reflection (with emit) as a codegen system.

dylan.NET is a programming language still in its infancy, trying to make .NET programming more available to linux and windows (even Mac OS/X) based systems. The goal is to have a command line compiler that does NOT need fancy IDEs in order to provide great functionality.

Even if the new dylan.NET is still under development, its API libraries and its compiler driver can be tried and tested for errors. The more people try them, the more stable the system can be(via bug reporting). Anyone wishing to give a hand in testing dylan.NET can contact

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Dylan Borg
Dylan Borg

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11.3.x series is the current focus of development.

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  • is out!!! on 2012-07-25
    dylan.NET is ready and has been released to GIT,BZR and the PPA.
  • is out!!! on 2012-05-25
    Please note that dylan.NET is out. See downloads and GIT/BZR for the...
  • released on 2012-01-19
    dylan.NET is now available from the PPA.
  • 11.2.5 released on 2011-04-04
    dylan.NET 11.2.5 is released. See the code in GIT and BZR. .deb will be up soon.
  • 11.2.4 released on 2011-02-20
    dylan.NET 11.2.4 has been released with a better codegen framework that can p...