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Galera is a generic Synchronous Multi-Master replication plugin for transactional applications.

Galera implements wsrep pluggable interface, as defined in project: and can provide several replication modes and topologies, including the ultimate Synchronous Multi-Master replication.

There are currently two MySQL based DBMS projects providing wsrep API, and thus implementing tightly coupled Galera clustering solution: project implements MySQL 5.* based MySQL/Galera cluster. project implements MariaDB 5.* based MariaDB/Galera cluster.

Main discussion happens here:

* * * Building on CentOS/RHEL 5.x: * * *
CentOS/RHEL by default uses a very old version of GCC and a likewise ancient version of BOOST that lacks important features. In order to build Galera on CentOS/RHEL one needs to:
 1) Install gcc44 and gcc44-c++ packages and set CC and CXX variables accordingly:
    # yum install gcc44 gcc44-c++
    # export CC=gcc44
    # export CXX=g++44
 2) Remove standard boost and boost-devel packages (if present)
 3) Install boost141-devel package:
    # yum install boost141-devel
 4) Make link from /usr/include/boost to /usr/include/boost141:
    # cd /usr/include
    # ln -sf boost141/boost boost
Once again big thanks to Red Hat for traditionally providing us with the most adequate development platform since 1996.

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3.x series is the current focus of development.


Latest version is 25.3.9

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  • Galera 3.5 released on 2014-03-27
    This is a major bugfix release fixing some long standing bugs that could lead...
  • Galera 2.9 is released on 2014-03-27
    This is a major bugfix release fixing some long standing bugs that could lead...
  • Galera 3.2 is released on 2013-12-01
    This is an "emergency" bugfix release, fixing regression lp:1255964 - failure...
  • Galera 3.1 is released on 2013-11-24
    This is the first GA release in 3.x series bringing such important features a...
  • Galera 2.8 is released on 2013-11-24
    This is mostly a maintenance release upgrading to wsrep API v25