Galera 25.3.9

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Alex Yurchenko
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3 Alex Yurchenko, 2 Teemu Ollakka, 4 Yan Zhang
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1288528 #1288528 SST Resumes Even When Donor Was Already Detected as SYNCED State | wsrep_desync conflict 1 Undecided   0 New
1259121 #1259121 commit monitor is not properly drained on abort() 3 High   6 Confirmed
1112724 #1112724 wsrep_start_position does not work unless grastate.dat is parseable 4 Medium   6 Confirmed
1176852 #1176852 IST is not interrupted properly during shutdown 4 Medium Teemu Ollakka  6 Confirmed
1217225 #1217225 simultaneous graceful leaving of two nodes leaves one remaining in non-PC 4 Medium Teemu Ollakka  6 Confirmed
1180791 #1180791 RBR error on IST not zeroing grastate 3 High Yan Zhang  10 Fix Released
1240964 #1240964 gmcast does not bind outgoing connections to listen addr 4 Medium Yan Zhang  10 Fix Released
1252461 #1252461 Use gcached seqno information to better choose donor (to avoid SST) 4 Medium Yan Zhang  10 Fix Released
1309507 #1309507 Compile fails on FreeBSD ENOTREOVERABLE macro redefined 4 Medium Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
1199000 #1199000 rpm packages asserting ownership of /usr/bin 5 Low Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
1257803 #1257803 3.x branch does not compile on PPC 6 Wishlist Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
1308103 #1308103 Return code incorrect when garbd is already running 1 Undecided Yan Zhang  10 Fix Released
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