Galera 23.2.1

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Alex Yurchenko
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4 Alex Yurchenko, 2 Teemu Ollakka
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download icon galera-23.2.1-i386.deb (md5) Galera wsrep provider binary (32-bit). 227
last downloaded 11 days ago
download icon galera-23.2.1-amd64.deb (md5) Galera wsrep provider binary (64-bit). 2,936
last downloaded 9 days ago
download icon galera-23.2.1-1.rhel5.i386.rpm (md5) Galera wsrep provider binary (32-bit). Requires openssl098e package on RHEL6 99
last downloaded today
download icon galera-23.2.1-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm (md5) Galera wsrep provider binary (64-bit). Requires openssl098e package on RHEL6 768
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon README (md5) Galera README 317
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
download icon README-MySQL (md5) How to use Galera as a wsrep provider with MySQL 255
last downloaded 132 weeks ago
download icon galera-23.2.1-src.tar.gz (md5) Galera source code 285
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
Total downloads: 4,887

Release notes 

 - IST handshake failed between 64-bit and 32-bit architectures
 - Node could request IST after it crashed executing TOI action (i.e. in inconsistent state).
 - garbd could crash a new cluster on reconnect
 - false certification conflict positives
 - using WSREP_STATE_TRANSFER_TRIVIAL didn't really work
 - Galera sockets were inherited by forked processes
 - confusing feedback when trying to change read-only parameter
 - linking with openssl failed on Fedora 16
 - libgalera was linked with libboost-program-options

 - support for "shared" keys which collide only with "exclusive" ones
 - gcs.sync_donor boolean parameter to keep donor temporally synced with group (default: false)
 - support for compiling on Solaris 11 (x86 only)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
985747 #985747 sometimes IST does not start 3 High Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
988100 #988100 confusing diagnostic for read-only parameters 3 High Teemu Ollakka  10 Fix Released
955492 #955492 2.1 chores 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
957425 #957425 Solaris x86 support 4 Medium Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
978004 #978004 libgalera is linked with libboost-program-options 4 Medium Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
897308 #897308 Add an option to keep node synced through DONOR->JOINED transitions 6 Wishlist Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
942924 #942924 Linking with libssl fails in Fedora 16 1 Undecided Alex Yurchenko  10 Fix Released
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