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Gloobus-0.4.1 Release

Written for Gloobus by BadChoice on 2009-10-30

Here comes the new version with a lot of bug fixes!

Gloobus 0.4 Release

Written for Gloobus by BadChoice on 2009-06-10

Coverflow and preview in deb:

Gloobus-Preview 0.03.2 Now in DEB

Written for Gloobus by BadChoice on 2009-05-11

You can download it here:

Now with Movies support, in a deb package, and a lot of new features, check them out!

Gloobus-preview 0.03

Written for Gloobus by BadChoice on 2009-02-14

Hey people as I said, here you have the download for gloobus-preview-0.03

There is not a deb, but you can request it to getdeb people!

I hope you try it and tell me the things you would like or the features you’ll like to be added!

And rember that you can donate anything (theres the link in the right panel!)

See you!


Written for Gloobus by BadChoice on 2008-10-18


I’ve uploaded the first release of new preview, I call it gloobus-preview to differ from the old preview.

This is just a first version just for testing and find bugs!! there are not so many features but I hope to get the same funcitonality as I had with the old, but now, using more common libraries, reusing a lot of code, the new architecture is a lot better than the previous.

I’ve added a default plugin that will try to load any filetype, and show its default theme icon :) there are still some errors but its really nice. This default plugin also search if there is a thumnail for the file (with gnome-thumbnail) and uses it :D, also really nice!!

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