I'm Computer Science Enginner, graduated at UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) in 2007.

Currently I'm developing Gloobus, a Quicklook for linux. It started as a hooby (and still is) but now it is becoming a very great projecte and I hope it will become much more!!

Thank to you all who support me and thanks a lot to you all who donates me some money for working on this!!

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Animations in Gloobus-Preview for gloobus-preview
Make the gloobus windows animate when changing files, opening and close
More Filetypes for gloobus-preview
Add more filetypes
Enable common users to a) change theme by simply selecting a different one they have somehow obtained and b) make it so people can actually create new skins with ease by using standard programs like GIMP/Inkscape etc and of course c) releasing a tutorial or some kind of not to technical how-to & docu that shows peop...
Resize for gloobus-preview
Make gloobus-preview able to resize
Hi, It would be great if the mouse scroll could be done in the overflow. And why not "page up" and "page down" in order to move more quickly ?

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