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This is a meta-project page for the various Gloobus projects.

Gloobus has split into 3 projects:

Gloobus-Preview , the quick and easy previewer for your files

Gloobus-Flow , browser your files with a Coverflow-like effect

Covergloobus, desktop widget for displaying cover art of the currently playing song. Comes with lyrics and controls for your favorite music player

Please DON'T report bugs here but on the page of each project.

Please spread the word on forums, on planets, on your blog. We need documentation writers, translators, programmers, hackers, evangelists. If you don't have time to help, you can also...

* show your support by donating a couple of €/£/$/whatever to the developpers:

* vote for us on Ubuntu Brainstorm:

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gloobus-0.4 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 0.4.1

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  • Gloobus-0.4.1 Release on 2009-10-30
    Here comes the new version with a lot of bug fixes!
  • Gloobus 0.4 Release on 2009-06-10
    Coverflow and preview in deb:
  • Gloobus-Preview 0.03.2 Now in DEB on 2009-05-11
    You can download it here:
  • Gloobus-preview 0.03 on 2009-02-14
    Hey people as I said, here you have the download for gloobus-preview-0.03 Th...
  • Gloobus-Preview on 2008-10-18
    Hello! I’ve uploaded the first release of new preview, I call it gloobus-pre...