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Playing Hexwars you will give your orders simultaneously with every other player. Then all orders will be carried out simultaneously as well. So you can never know what will happen because the other players might react before you do something. This game is very easy to play but it requires strategic thinking and psychological talent to win.

Current releases are available available at "ppa:fighting-bytes/current"
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Daily builds for are available at "ppa:fighting-bytes/daily"
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Modding info:
- The graphic is based on several bitmaps that can easily be customized.
- Level files are simple text files containing a short file header and one number for every hexagonal field of the map.

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Fighting Bytes
Patrik Schönfeldt

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Latest version is 0.3.8

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  • New Release (featuring ppa) on 2012-01-23
    Hexwars 0.3 has was released last week featuring some new features including ...
  • Released AAA on 2011-02-03
    I just finished “Advance Alpha Advanced”, the AAA release. This is a minor u...
  • Alpha 2 released on 2011-01-10
    Hexwars Alpha 2 («Advanced Alpha») has just been released. It is the first re...
  • Added new alpha release on 2010-08-03
    Hexwars will have a new alpha1, codenamed “Early Effects”. The “Punchy Previe...