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Welcome to the home launchpad page of INSTEAD – interpreter of simple text adventures for Unix and Windows!
INSTEAD was designed to interpret the games that are the mix of visual novels, text quests and classical 90'ss quests.

Using INSTEAD you can create and play adventure games that could be classified as a mix of visual novel and quest text, like well-known text-book games.

Features of INSTEAD:
    high portable (Unix, Windows, Android, OS X …);
    easy game developing (Lua for game scripts);

Use the bug tracker (not blueprints) here to report bugs, request features, and contribute patches.
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GNU GPL v2, GNU GPL v3, MIT / X / Expat Licence, Creative Commons - No Rights Reserved

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2.4.x series is the current focus of development.

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Lua5.1, Lua5.2, C, SDL

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Latest version is 2.4.1

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