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Ironic is the OpenStack service which provides the capability to provision bare metal servers.

Ironic is a Python which facilitates provisioning of physical machines in a fault-tolerant and horizontally-scalable manner. Its drivers support a variety of hardware vendors (IPMI, hp iLO, DRAC, SMTP, iBOOT, ...). It is integrated with OpenStack Nova via the nova.virt.ironic driver, by which a user can provision physical machines using the same API as one would provision virtual machines with Nova.

As with all OpenStack projects, the developer community can be found on in the #openstack-ironic channel, and on the openstack-dev mailing list. Support questions should be directed to

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Ironic Drivers
Ironic Drivers
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mitaka series 

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Latest version is 2015.1.2
released on 2015-10-13

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