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Bug #37392: no bug tracker Low Triaged 45 weeks

From: منصة شليله

الإكمال التلقائي-منصة-شليله

Bug #560246: Launchpad requires the REFERER header on form submission breaking with noscript and other privacy/spam browser plugins Low Triaged 454 weeks

From: Kirils Solovjovs
Link: refer.patch

Patch for launchpad

Bug #899185: c/l/webapp/ftests/test_adapter.txt is vulnerable to delays High Triaged 498 weeks

From: Gavin Panella
Link: sabotage.diff

This will break test_adapter.txt

Bug #643699: Non-graphical browsers hide authorize-token messages Low Triaged 514 weeks

From: Luca Falavigna
Link: auth_message.patch


Bug #333215: Launchpad permits tasks to be added to projects that 'do not use launchpad for bug tracking' High Triaged 565 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: must_link_watches.patch


Bug #516709: revisit official package branch permissions High Triaged 572 weeks

From: Jonathan Lange
Link: owner-cannot-write-to-official-branch.diff


Bug #173976: Can't tell what was searched for when 'no open bugs' is shown High Triaged 573 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: resolved_upstream.patch


Bug #596974: Bug assignment notification message does not special case self-assignment Low Triaged 574 weeks

From: Brian Murray
Link: self-assignment.patch


Bug #249471: Reporting a bug with an attachment produces two info alerts Low Triaged 576 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: quell_notices.patch


Bug #585126: sendbranchmail with lp:~vcs-imports/linux/trunk is eating memory Critical Triaged 578 weeks

From: Tim Penhey
Link: branch-job.diff

__repr__ method for BranchJobDerived

Bug #182076: doesn't present widget errors clearly Low Triaged 701 weeks

From: Celso Providelo
Link: launchpad-form.diff

Adding "error" class to widget errors

Bug #158386: some db cursors are not explicitly closed Low Triaged 712 weeks

From: Celso Providelo
Link: close_cursor_in_soyuz.diff

Closing soyuz-specific cursors

Bug #125192: Launchpad and test suite don't run in a branch with an apostrophe in its name Low Triaged 727 weeks

From: Matthew Paul Thomas
Link: diff-for-apostrophes

Patch that makes "make run" work

Bug #98491: TypeError when passing list to itemswidget Low Triaged 745 weeks

From: Francis J. Lacoste
Link: itemswidgets-typerror.patch


Bug #29663: DistroReleaseQueue.status could use the immutable flag Low Triaged 800 weeks

From: Celso Providelo
Link: fix_bug_29663.diff

Fix following salgado's suggestion

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