I worked for Canonical from January 2005 to January 2021 — initially as a Web developer, then interaction designer, then senior UX designer.

Over this period I worked on the design of:
• Launchpad (2005-2008)
• Software Updater (lead designer 2005-2021)
• Ubuntu installer (lead designer 2006-2021)
• Landscape (initial design 2006)
• Notify OSD (2009)
• Ubuntu Software Center (lead designer 2009-2013)
• Ubuntu’s indicator menus (clock menu, sound menu, messaging menu, etc) (2009-2017)
• errors.ubuntu.com and the corresponding desktop GUI (2011-2018)
• Time & Date settings (lead designer 2010-2017)
• Ubuntu Touch System Settings (lead designer 2013-2017)
• Ubuntu Touch toolkit elements (2013-2017)
• build.snapcraft.io (lead designer 2017-2019)
• snapcraft.io
• Multipass GUI
• Livepatch GUI
• ubuntu.com/advantage and the “ua” CLI command (2018-2020)
• ubuntu.com/security/notices (lead designer 2020)
• ubuntu.com/security/cve (lead designer 2020-2021).

Previously I was a volunteer contributor to Mozilla and to WordPress.

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