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Libgexf is the official C++ toolkit library for the GEXF file format. It is free software available under the MIT License. Though the library is written in C++ a variety of language bindings make it available in other environments.

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S├ębastien Heymann
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Latest version is 0.1.2
released on 2009-12-11

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  • libgexf 0.1.2 release on 2009-12-16
    As GEXF 1.1 draft had some improvements during this fall, this new version pr...
  • libgexf 0.1.1 release on 2009-09-07
    We started the libgexf project a few months ago to help people creating, read...
  • libgexf 0.1.0 release on 2009-07-21
    The first libgexf alpha version just came out! This is an important step for...