libtickit v0.4

Various TickitBuilder and TickitTermBuilder support in preparation of internalising libtermkey, among other things.

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Paul "LeoNerd" Evans
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last downloaded 2 days ago
download icon libtickit-0.4.2a.tar.gz (md5) libtickit 0.4.2a 29
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Version 0.4.4


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since 0.4.3
  * Support superscript/subscript rendering by means of a `sizepos` pen
  * Also accept `\e[<` for key_mouse to enable vt200_mouse mode, because some
    terminfos lie
  * Handle mouse buttons 6/7 as horizontal scrolling

since 0.4.2
  * Added tickit_term_get_drivername()
  * Added concept of driver-private termctls
  * Renamed API functions relating to Tickit, window and terminal control
    metadata (deprecated back-compat aliases are currently provided)
  * Permit overriding xterm driver's `cap.rgb8` setting
  * Added a simple example program that just prints the current values of all
    the termctls
  * Remember to #include the right system headers for pid_t and friends

since 0.4.1
  * Added tickit_watch_signal(3) and tickit_watch_process(3)
  * Respect TICKIT_BIND_FIRST flag when binding event loop handlers (besides
  * Track cursor blink state in mockterm
  * Various small bugfixes to bundled examples

since 0.4.0:
  * Added tickit_term_teardown(3)
  * Call tickit_term_teardown() during tickit_destroy(3) to ensure reliable terminal shutdown even when additional references remain

since 0.3.5:
  * Expose TickitBuilder and TickitTermBuilder as API-visible structs
  * Added tickit_build(3) and tickit_term_build(3)
  * Added tickit_new_stdtty(3)
  * Optionally parse a secondary RGB8 colour specification in tickit_pen_set_colour_attr_desc(3)
  * Accept colour desc strings in tickit_pen_new_attrs(3)
  * Added TICKIT_BIND_ONESHOT event-binding flag
  * Added tickit_watch_io(3)
  * Bugfix unit test by not including 0 flag in sprintf %s, as it is nonportable
  * Ensure termkey_new() sees correct value of $TERM during its construction
  * Bugfixes for t/18term-builder.c on non-Linux platforms
  * Bugfixes for ti_getstr hook when operating on abstract terminals that are not TTY filehandles
  * Many spelling mistakes / typo fixes in manpages

5 blueprints and 1 bug targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Support TickitPen RGB8 specifications to "description" function Support TickitPen RGB8 specifications to "description" function 2 Low   11 Implemented
Support TickitPen RGB8 values in constructor Support TickitPen RGB8 values in constructor 2 Low   11 Implemented
A TICKIT_BIND_ONESHOT flag, to make one-off event binds A TICKIT_BIND_ONESHOT flag, to make one-off event binds 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Prebuilt event loop integrations Prebuilt event loop integrations 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Event watches on filehandles Event watches on filehandles 1 Undefined   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1708650 #1708650 Should use CLOCK_MONOTONIC 5 Low   6 Confirmed
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