Lifeograph 3.0.0.rc "Babies are being killed before the eyes of the world"

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Babies are being killed before the eyes of the world
Ahmet Öztürk
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Lifeograph 3.0 is a very huge update on top of the big changes introduced on Lifeograph 2.0. With this version, Lifeograph evolved form a diary/note taking application into a general purpose information management environment.

Please note that this is a testing release and should be used carefully. Please backup your existing diaries before upgrading.


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* New main icon that reflects the improved functionality as a second brain
* UI upgraded to GTK4 replacing the deprecated UI elements with new ones
* All file I/O is moved to Gio for compatibility with network addresses and virtual drives, etc...
* Wiki style formatting markup is largely omitted in favor of a WYSIWYG style formatting system [[inline comments are an exception]]
* Paragraph folding that creates folds automatically based on heading and indentation levels
* New references button that pops up a list of referencing entries/paragraphs for the current entry (a.k.a back-links)
* Context-sensitive right-click menu that displays specific options for tags, images, dates, etc. based on the cursor location
* Tables can also be inserted into the entries now
* Added buttons for visiting link items to the right-click popover menu
* Added horizontal rules which can also be combined with text
* Entries can now be ordered, grouped, and arranged freely, irrespective of the their types
* Added an option to merge selected entries
* Added many new filterers
* All filters can be negated now
* Table columns are resizable now
* Many new column types added
* Group lines in a hierarchical view by any column
* Conditional coloring of cell values
* Completion columns show a progress bar in the background
* Option to combine identical consequent cells in a column to get cleaner tables
* Added a new vertical bars style to charts
* A basic inline table was added to allow creation of basic charts without creating a table first
* Added navigation icons to the calendar widget
* Added the ability to mark custom days as holidays
* Added the ability to change the first day of the week
* Searching is multi-threaded now for speed gains and responsiveness
* Migrated from libchamplain to libshumate which also works under Windows
* Many many more

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2012616 #2012616 Webp images not supported 6 Wishlist   7 Triaged
688482 #688482 Indent paragraphs, formatting options for quotes 6 Wishlist   9 Fix Committed
932283 #932283 Add an option to display week numbers in the calendar 6 Wishlist   9 Fix Committed
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