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4 Amit Pundir, 1 Anmar Oueja, 3 Annamalai Lakshmanan, 3 Axel Fagerstedt, 5 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, 2 Chengjie HE, 2 Kejun ZHOU, 1 Usman Ahmad, 2 Yongqin Liu, 3 Zach Pfeffer, 1 Zygmunt Krynicki, 6 vishal
10 Unknown, 4 Not started, 3 Deferred, 5 Blocked, 9 Started, 4 Slow progress, 5 Good progress, 5 Implemented
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Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Juice: Consolidate Kernel Unit-Tests (some work for this milestone) 5 Essential Axel Fagerstedt  11 Implemented
HDMI and hardware video bring up against 3.5 Origen kernel 4 High Annamalai Lakshmanan  5 Started
Include BUILD-INFO.txt in the Android builds 4 High   5 Started
Ensure Tracking Snowball can Build and Boot 4 High   6 Slow progress
Build android.bluetooth Unit Tests and Integrate them into LAVA 4 High Chengjie HE  7 Good progress
Build ConnectivityManager Unit Tests and Integrate them in LAVA 4 High Zach Pfeffer  7 Good progress
Build Unit Tests and Integrate them into LAVA 4 High Chengjie HE  7 Good progress
Enable Device Tree in all Builds 4 High Zach Pfeffer  7 Good progress
Build android.hardware.usb Unit Tests and Integrate them in LAVA 4 High Kejun ZHOU  11 Implemented
Build android.inputmethodservice Unit Tests and Integrate them in LAVA 4 High Kejun ZHOU  11 Implemented
Juice: Extend trinity fuzzer to help testing the android changes (some work for this milestone) 4 High Axel Fagerstedt  11 Implemented
Deploy BUILD-INFO.txt in specified official builds (all builds) 4 High   4 Blocked
Benchmark Dalvik, Hard-Float OpenJDK and JAVA SE Startup Time 4 High vishal  0 Unknown
Bringup Framebuffer on tracking-snowball 4 High Axel Fagerstedt  0 Unknown
Open Samsung tinyalsa HAL (Audio) 4 High Usman Ahmad  1 Not started
Linaro Android big.LITTLE MP platform 4 High Amit Pundir  11 Implemented
Collect all benchmark results and post them per LAVA run 3 Medium   0 Unknown
OMAPCONF Integrated into Linaro Android 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Automate Android Tests (Skia) 3 Medium Zygmunt Krynicki  1 Not started
Add ST-Ericcson's Bluetooth and WLAN support to Linaro's Stable ICS and JB build for Snowball 3 Medium   4 Blocked
Integrate omap5-uevm Board Support 3 Medium vishal  4 Blocked
Enabling IOMMU in mainline Origen kernel 3 Medium Annamalai Lakshmanan  5 Started
Forward port WiFi to run Google Hangouts on tracking Origen 3 Medium Annamalai Lakshmanan  5 Started
Upstream OMAPZoom multimedia patches to AOSP 3 Medium vishal  5 Started
Build android.renderscript Unit Tests and Integrate Them in LAVA 3 Medium   6 Slow progress
Document lava-test-shell Use In Android 3 Medium vishal  6 Slow progress
OpenMP Improvements 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  6 Slow progress
Improve Linaro Android Branch Names 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  7 Good progress
Enable Graphics Acceleration on iMX6 running ICS 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  2 Deferred
Setup Freescale Click Through 3 Medium Anmar Oueja  4 Blocked
Aggregate All Test Runs per Build 2 Low Yongqin Liu  0 Unknown
Investigate putting Cortex-Strings memcpy() and friends into the kernel 2 Low Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  4 Blocked
Investigate Cyanogenmod memcpy/memset implementations 2 Low Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  5 Started
Enable Multimedia on Snowball Jellybean Build 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Build or Integrate SMP Tests 1 Undefined Amit Pundir  1 Not started
Characterize in-built Ethernet support in 4.2 1 Undefined Amit Pundir  2 Deferred
Integrate BeagleBone Board Support 1 Undefined Amit Pundir  2 Deferred
Unify b.L Builds 1 Undefined vishal  5 Started
Diff OpenJDK and SunJDK builds 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Enable Bluetooth on Origen Jelly Bean 1 Undefined vishal  0 Unknown
Make ECM optional 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Origen DMA Buf Integration 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Optimize bionic by using the restrict keyword where possible 1 Undefined   1 Not started
Add support for blackbox test on android 1 Undefined Yongqin Liu  5 Started
Close out iMX 1 Undefined Zach Pfeffer  5 Started
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