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Linaro Android
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1 Abhishek Paliwal, 1 Alexander Sack, 1 Amit Kucheria, 3 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, 1 Botao Sun, 1 Chao Yang, 1 Mathieu Poirier, 1 Michael K. Edwards, 3 Tony Mansson, 1 Yongqin Liu, 5 vishal
23 Unknown, 7 Not started, 5 Blocked, 1 Started, 1 Slow progress, 2 Good progress, 4 Implemented
3 Won't Fix

43 blueprints and 3 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Integrate Device Tree for Freescale's iMX53 Board 4 High Botao Sun  11 Implemented
Enable Audio 4 High   0 Unknown
Upgrade the iMX53 kernel to 3.2 4 High   0 Unknown
Integrate panda mm binaries into linaro-android build 2.3.7 4 High vishal  4 Blocked
Create upstream Android build 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Android Daily Prebuilt Image 3 Medium   1 Not started
Improve the Build Environment 3 Medium Alexander Sack  1 Not started
Integrate Freescale's ICS Work 3 Medium   1 Not started
Per-build initrd Regeneration Script 3 Medium   1 Not started
Integrate Audio Loopback Testing into Android and LAVA 3 Medium Chao Yang  4 Blocked
Integrate Panda MM Binaries into linaro-android Build for ICS 3 Medium vishal  4 Blocked
Add licence information to gits created by Linaro Android team 3 Medium   6 Slow progress
Evaluate optimization results with arm-linux-androideabi toolchain 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  11 Implemented
Build linaro-android with hardfloat ABI 3 Medium Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  0 Unknown
Combine Proprietary Mali Drivers with a Linaro Android Snowball Build 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Enable and Characterize sched_mc on Android 3 Medium Amit Kucheria  11 Implemented
Try libjpeg-turbo on Android and document 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Rebase Snowball onto the Upstream Kernel 3 Medium Mathieu Poirier  5 Started
Create Graphics WG Android Build 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Integrate glmark2 into 0xbench 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Lunch support for Linaro Android Builds 3 Medium   0 Unknown
Enable and document bootchart creation 3 Medium   1 Not started
Integrate OpenSSH 3 Medium   1 Not started
Adding Power Tutor to Linaro Android 3 Medium Tony Mansson  7 Good progress
Android App for sched_mc Parameter Tuning 3 Medium Tony Mansson  7 Good progress
Update SGX on 2.3.7 2 Low Michael K. Edwards  4 Blocked
Modify PowerTutor to a Linaro Power Management tool platform 2 Low Tony Mansson  0 Unknown
Create a Better Racing Demo 2 Low   0 Unknown
Create a Developer APK 2 Low   0 Unknown
Enable developers to try patches to an Android kernel via a web interface 2 Low   0 Unknown
Release a Linaro Android NDK 2 Low Bernhard Rosenkraenzer  0 Unknown
Integrate fbset in Android 2 Low   1 Not started
Enable Video Conferencing on Snowball 2 Low vishal  4 Blocked
Commit the source of tools used by lava-android-test to git 2 Low Yongqin Liu  11 Implemented
Build Snowball Release from igloo 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Build the SGX lib with the hardfloat ABI 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Include the pinned-manifest.xml in the Build 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Integrate Android Speex Neon Optimization 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Integrate Open CV 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Integrate cpuidle 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Introduce retest mechanism for a-b.l.o builds. 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Modesetting userland for android on origen. 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Web API on Android 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
860542 #860542 Snowball: Hang when DUT goes to suspend, (USB OTG port is free - no cables connected) 3 High Abhishek Paliwal  4 Won't Fix
845642 #845642 ADB does not work on beagle 5 Low vishal  4 Won't Fix
859737 #859737 11.09 Beagle build 4 is extremely slow on Beagle xM 5 Low vishal  4 Won't Fix
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