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Blogpost about Listaller & the newly announced "GNOME-Apps"

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2013-02-11

How (and if) the newly announced GNOME-App-Bundles will affect the Listaller project, and how Listaller can be improved using to-be-created GNOME technology.

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Mailinglist changed!

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2012-09-05

Because many people complained about using Google Groups for the Listaller mailinglist and because it is not easy for people without a Google Account to use it, we now switched to FreeLists as mailinglist provider.
You can subscribe here:
All people who have been subscribed to the Google Group are now subscribed at the new mailinglist too. Release announcements will go there too.

IPK packages now backward-compatible

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2012-04-16

Starting with the new Listaller 0.5.4 release, we will now maintain backward-compatibility of Listaller packages.
This means packages created with the current version of Listaller can be read and installed by new versions of Listaller too, so it's now safe to build IPK packages.
But please note that we still might break compatibility, if there are good reasons for it.
You can read a longer announcement of the new Listaller release by using the link below.

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Listaller is using DOAP and IPK1.0~pre now!

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2012-01-24

With the last recent Listaller release, we're switching to use DOAP (Description Of A Project) as the format to describe the application/project in an IPK Listaller package. DOAP is part of the upcoming IPK1.0 release, so it makes sense to adjust your packaging to match the new specs. Documentation on this will follow soon.
With Listaller 0.5.4, the upcoming next Listaller release, we also can finally say it's safe to build IPK packages, because the IPK definition is not supposed to change much anymore and will be mature enough for use in the wild.
Hafe fun with Listaller 0.5.3! (And please upgrade your PackageKit version, we require at least PK 0.7.2 now!)

Listaller 0.5.2 released!

Written for Listaller by Matthias Klumpp on 2011-09-06

Listaller 0.5.2 has been released today.
Please note: We do NOT provide stable API/ABI in the 0.5.x series!
The 0.5.x series is experimental and should not be used in productive environments.
Listaller is still not feature-complete and is under very active development, so expect some rough edges and problems.
As always, here are the changes in this release:

  * Added BinReloc to Listaller core again (Matthias Klumpp)
  * binreloc: Experimental support for *BSD (Anders F. Bj√∂rklund)
  * Include the APBuild tool (Matthias Klumpp)
  * apbuild: Using new libgee API for accessing keys of a HashMap. (Jan Niklas Hasse)
  * First bits of automatic dependency detection (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add options to change default libdir (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add Listaller PackageKit PlugIn (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add possibility to specify libdir prefix in ./prepare (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Improved libuild dependency detection (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Cleanup: Remove listallerd data files (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Provide feeds for some dependencies & sort out standard deps (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Store long description in main database (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Improved dependency feed handling (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Compare package versions if same package is already installed (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Use PackageKit for dependency installing (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Implement basic feed-dependency downloading & extracting (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Always prefer native distribution packages (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add methods to register dependencies in database (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Check the database if dependency is already installed (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Install a few manpages (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Include the patchelf utility, but disable it (Matthias Klumpp)
  * appcompile: Support CMake & arguments (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Various improvements to make dependency search faster (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Automagically update .desktop file paths, even if no var is set (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Use own stat()-based mechanism to look for libraries. (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Automatically close the software-database (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add /usr/lib/$arch-$os-gnu/mesa to list of valid library paths (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Apply a set of installation speed-improvements (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Create new PkResolver to perform resolve actions for native pkgs (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Apply parts of the dependency-component handling, important stuff is still
     missing in PackageKit. (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Some preparations for direct PkBackend usage (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Added ugly method to request GPG passwords (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Make cmake install LIBDIR multiarch-aware (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Add a Fedora spec file template that builds listaller (Richard Hughes)
  * Fix up some warnings in the PK plugin (Richard Hughes)
  * plugin: Use the correct function names to fix PackageKit (Richard Hughes)
  * plugin: Split the lists once and early for speed (Richard Hughes)
  * plugin: Correctly connect ListallerManager object with callbacks (Matthias Klumpp)
  * plugin: Set a log domain so the packagekitd daemon knows what's printing messages (Richard Hughes)
  * plugin: Only rescan the application list after modifying roles (Richard Hughes)

  * Updated dependency-extra list format (is now RFC822-style) (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Use type-specific dependencies instead of dependencies on "files" (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Move state information to /var/lib (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Implement a dependency-id (Matthias Klumpp)

  * Remove internal libc ELF headers from vLDD (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Depend runapp on listaller-glib, allows parallel builds (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Remove \r's from nl translation (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Compile with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Fix uninstaller error handling (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Adjust to new PackageKit 0.7 API (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Register IPK mime type again (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Use PREFIXDIR in Listaller settings (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Fix database application listing (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Bugfix: Installation fails if there are no dependencies defined (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Build in Debug mode by default (for development versions) (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Process variables _after_ everything was installed (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Consider all dependencies as satisfied when in testmode (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Fix deadlock when application is registered (Matthias Klumpp)
  * libuild: Fix installing all files into one directory (Matthias Klumpp)
  * Display warning if dependency idname or full_name is empty (Matthias Klumpp)
  * plugin: Fix sigsegv on loading applist (Matthias Klumpp)
  * plugin: Fix pointer deferencing to make package and files removal work (Richard Hughes)
  * plugin: Ensure the transaction gets properly finished if listaller can handle all the ids (Richard Hughes)

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