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Loggerhead is the web viewer for projects in bazaar. It can be used to navigate a branch history, view & annotate files, view changes as diffs, perform searches, etc.

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Launchpad Suite
Loggerhead Team
Loggerhead Team
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trunk series 

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python, javascript

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loggerhead trunk series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 1.18.1
released on 2011-03-24

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  • Loggerhead 1.18.1 released on 2011-03-24
    Loggerhead 1.18.1 brings security and stability fixes. Filenames are now corr...
  • Loggerhead 1.18 released on 2010-11-11
    Loggerhead 1.18 brings many stability fixes, more configuration options, and ...
  • Launchpad 10.01: bug heat on 2010-01-28
    The Launchpad team is proud to announce Launchpad 10.01, released on January ...
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