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General application for a wide variety of media-player that shows and searches synchronized lyrics and LRC lyrics dynamically.

The main goal of lrcShow-X is to add synchronized lyrics visualization functionality to the most used Linux media players, using existing LRC files, embedded lyrics like ID3 Sylt, Uslt, Lyrics3 and ApeTag. It also searches for lyrics using 12 different engines among which we can mention MiniLyrics, EvilLyrics, LrcDB and TTPlayer.

lrcShow-X is written entirely in python using pyqt4 and supporting more than ten different players like Amarok2, Qmmp, Audacious and many other Linux Players (normally using a dbus interface).

If you have experienced lrcShow-II lyrics plugin with Amarok1, you should know what this application can do, just supporting more players and having more functions.

Please read help documents with the built-in browser or the README file in package to get more details.

Depends on:
>= python-2.4 (not includes python 3 at present)
>= Qt-4.5.0
pyqt4 (python, qt4 bindings)
dbus-python (dbus, python bindings)
pygobject (python, gobject bindings)

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lrcShow-X team
lrcShow-X team

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Latest version is 2.1.1

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  • 2.0.0 release on 2011-05-06
    the first release of 2 series
  • audacious on 2011-04-28
    2.5 has a bug on dbusinterface
  • translation on 2011-04-16
    translation, translation and translation....
  • translate on 2011-04-09
    Welcome to translate 2 series into your native language
  • public test for 2 on 2011-03-28