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Magento E-commerce management using Open ERP.

Connector for the version 5.0->6.1 of OpenERP

This is the project for the version 5.0->6.1 of OpenERP.

The connector for the version 7.0 is now on the project:

= Core editors / Support =
The core editors and maintainers of magentoerpconnect are :

The other significant contributors of magentoerpconnect are :
See others here :
And also code statistics from

Initially, the following companies contributed heavily to magentoerpconnect but stopped contributing to this project several years ago:
    * OPENLABS (the company who started this new branch of the connector)

The complete history of magentoerpconnect can be read here :
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Again, AKRETION and CAMPTOCAMP both address their warm thanks to the initial project starters and all the contributors, since they take part of the current success of the worldwide-used OpenERP/Magento connector.
Feel free to contribute with us on magentoerpconnect :-)

= Overview/Features =

    * import/export catalog between OpenERP and Magento
    * import orders into OpenERP
    * participating: you can read the FAQ or subscribe to the mailing list of the team

= AGPL v3 open source license =

= 2 ways synch =

    * You can start importing your fully customized product catalog from Magento in a few clicks
    * in any case, after the setup case, the expected workflow is that OpenERP drives your ecommerce, meaning you exports from OpenERP to Magento

= Rich and customizable catalog data model support =
    * imports Magento custom product attributes in a click, even "select" or "multi-select" attributes (options are imported on the fly)
    * imports Magento custom attributes sets that translate to different OpenERP product views
    * attributes are grouped together in OpenERP view according to Magento attribute sets
    * import/export categories, extends OpenERP categories to support n categories by product

= Smart order import =

    * import only last orders, shop by shop
    * can generate pickings or invoices based on the order automatically at your will
    * provided you parameter the proper journal codes, can generate payments statements along the orders without the need to validate the invoice first

= Network efficiency =

    * update only products and inventory levels that changed since last synch (However the whole system is bound to Magento API 'speed')

= Multi's =

    * multi sale shops with
          o shop wise OpenERP pricelist (any Magento pricing system can then apply over that base price)
          o shop wise warehouse, means possibly multiple level of stocks for the same product depending on the Magento shop (or website)
          o shop wise catalog export/order imports
    * multi-magento website (groups of shops) support
    * multi-Magento installation (yes you heard that!). We extends OpenERP ir_model_data external ref management to give it multi referential abilities with the base_external_referential module.
    * multi-e-commerce platforms (and yes you read that too!). We have a customer running Magento + OSCommerce + Amazon marketplace (+Spree?) hitting the same OpenERP instance thanks to our base_sale_multichannels underlining module
    * multi-language support: seamless integration between Magento localized store-views and OpenERP integrated translation system

= Image support (new) =

    * Image 2 ways synch

= Quality =

    * has been essentially coded by two companies with highly experienced programmers
    * we didn't hesitate to rewrite completely the initial POC to turn it a powerful code
    * 50% of the resulting code is not tied to Magento specifically and as been designed to be reused by any ecommerce connecting to Magento (so far reused too in an adhoc OSCommerce Kettle + OOOR connection, targeted for Spree e-commerce integration).
    * deployed in production at least a dozen of places by February 2010
    * because it's multi-ecommerce you will not be tied to Magento...

= Potential integration with banking =

    * there are several possibilities, for one customer we close the payment cycle by importing automatically bank files with Kettle + OOOR (TerminatOOOR) and then use the mass reconciliation feature of OpenERP to reconcile automatically most of banks statements with the original payments and the invoices.

= Limits =

    * On demand customizable products (Magento bundle products) being developed on trunk (alpha) only
    * Product variants (Magento configurable products) being developed on trunk (alpha) only
    * 6.0 stable branch should be used with a reasonable number of Magento attributes (< 200 roughly) because they translate into OpenERP product columns. Now on trunk, we are developing a version based on a JSON blob that will support an unlimited number of attributes.
    * On the fly order import not integrated yet.
    * On exporting products store by store, we use the OpenERP related shop list price if any. Still, the issue is that Magento will share that price between shops. So if you share products between shops and need different prices, you would absolutely need to use Magento pricing system on the top of that base price. In the future we could synchronize Magento tier prices properly, but it's not complete currently.
-> but don't hesitate to contribute or ask us to implement those or any major missing features

= FAQ =

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