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3.0 alpha 7 -- "Mission"

 * Significant updates to the subscription model. Members can now subscribe
   with a preferred address, and changes to that will be immediately reflected
   in mailing list subscriptions. Users who subscribe with an explicit
   address can easily change to a different address, as long as that address
   is verified. (LP: #643949)
 * IUsers and IMembers are now assigned a unique, random, immutable id.
 * IUsers now have created_on and .preferred_address properties.
 * IMembers now have a .user attribute for easy access to the subscribed user.
 * When created with add_member(), passwords are always stored encrypted.
 * In all interfaces, "email" refers to the textual email address while
   "address" refers to the `IAddress` object.
 * mailman.chains.base.Chain no longer self registers.
 * New member and nonmember moderation rules and chains. This effectively
   ports moderation rules from Mailman 2 and replaces attributes such as
   member_moderation_action, default_member_moderation, and
   generic_nonmember_action. Now, nonmembers exist as subscriptions on a
   mailing list and members have a moderation_action attribute which describes
   the disposition for postings from that address.
 * Member.is_moderated was removed because of the above change.
 * default_member_action and default_nonmember_action were added to mailing
 * All sender addresses are registered (unverified) with the user manager by
   the incoming queue runner. This way, nonmember moderation rules will
   always have an IAddress that they can subscribe to the list (as
 * Support for SMTP AUTH added via smtp_user and smtp_pass configuration
   variables in the [mta] section. (LP: #490044)
 * IEmailValidator interface for pluggable validation of email addresses.
 * .subscribe() is moved from the IAddress to the IMailingList
 * IAddresses get their registered_on attribute set when the object is created.

 * [devmode] section gets a new 'testing' variable.
 * Added password_scheme and password_length settings for defining the
   default password encryption scheme.
 * creator_pw_file and site_pw_file are removed.

 * 'bin/mailman start' does a better job of producing an error when Mailman is
   already running.
 * 'bin/mailman status' added for providing command line status on the master
   queue runner watcher process.
 * 'bin/mailman info' now prints the REST root url and credentials.
 * mmsitepass removed; there is no more site password.

 * Add Basic Auth support for REST API security. (Jimmy Bergman)
 * Include the fqdn_listname and email address in the member JSON
 * Added reply_goes_to_list, send_welcome_msg, welcome_msg,
   default_member_moderation to the mailing list's writable attributes in the
   REST service. (Jimmy Bergman)
 * Expose the new membership model to the REST API. Canonical member resource
   URLs are now much shorter and live in their own top-level namespace instead
   of within the mailing list's namespace.
 * /addresses/<email>/memberships gets all the memberships for a given email
 * /users is a new top-level URL under which user information can be
   accessed. Posting to this creates new users.
 * Users can subscribe to mailing lists through the REST API.
 * Domains can be deleted via the REST API.
 * PUT and PATCH to a list configuration now returns a 204 (No Content).

 * Support Python 2.7. (LP: #667472)
 * Disable site-packages in buildout.cfg because of LP: #659231.
 * Don't include eggs/ or parts/ in the source tarball. (LP: #656946)
 * flufl.lock is now required instead of locknix.

Bugs fixed
 * Typo in scan_message(). (LP: #645897)
 * Typo in add_member(). (LP: #710182) (Florian Fuchs)
 * Re-enable bounce detectors. (LP: #756943)
 * Clean up many pyflakes problems; ditching pylint.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
582522 #582522 Implement archive delivery via LMTP 3 High Barry Warsaw  6 Confirmed
582524 #582524 Use IMAP CREATE to add folders to IMAP archiver on list creation 3 High Barry Warsaw  6 Confirmed
582525 #582525 Add sieve rules to route messages properly to IMAP server 3 High Barry Warsaw  6 Confirmed
656946 #656946 Corrupt eggs in mailman-3.0.0a6.tar.gz 2 Critical Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
667249 #667249 locknix should not depend on setuptools_bzr 2 Critical Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
645897 #645897 mailman scan_message exception 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
490044 #490044 Implement SMTP AUTH in Mailman 3 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
643949 #643949 Need REST API to change existing user's email 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
659951 #659951 REST server should support a few more writable attributes to simplify integration 4 Medium Jimmy Bergman  10 Fix Released
667472 #667472 Support Python 2.7 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
710182 #710182 Typo in add_member() prevents subscribing an email already linked to an existing user 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
756943 #756943 13 revisions removed from the branch 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
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