GNU Mailman 3.0 series

The mailman 3.0 release series

Series information

GNU Mailman
Project drivers:
Barry Warsaw, Mailman Coders
Release manager:
Barry Warsaw
Active Development
Project development focus:
is the focus of development.
Release URL pattern:

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Code for this series

The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

7341 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:mailman

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Milestones and releases

115 of 15 results
Version Expected Released Summary
GNU Mailman 3.1 None not yet released Bugs targeted: 2 Triaged, 1 Fix Committed, 4 Fix Released
GNU Mailman 3.0.0b5 "Carve Away The Stone" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0b4 "Time and Motion" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0b3 "Here Again" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0b2 "Freeze" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0b1 "The Twilight Zone" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a8 "Where's My Thing?" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a7 "Mission" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a6 "Cut to the Chase" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a5 "Distant Early Warning" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a4 "Vital Signs" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a3 "Working Man" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a2 "Grand Designs" None The second alpha snapshot for Mailman 3.
GNU Mailman 3.0.0a1 "Leave That Thing Alone" None
GNU Mailman 3.0.0 "Show Don't Tell" None
115 of 15 results
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3.0 does not have any download files.