GNU Mailman 3.0.0b4 "Time and Motion"

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Time and Motion
Barry Warsaw
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3.0 beta 4 -- "Time and Motion"

 * Mailman 3 no longer uses ``zc.buildout`` and tests are now run by the
   ``nose2`` test runner. See ``src/mailman/docs/START.rst`` for details on
   how to build Mailman and run the test suite. Also, use ``-P`` to select a
   test pattern and ``-E`` to enable stderr debugging in runners.
 * Use the ``enum34`` package instead of ``flufl.enum``.
 * Use ``setuptools`` instead of ``distribute``, since the latter is defunct.

 * Add ``reply_to_address`` and ``first_strip_reply_to`` as writable
   attributes of a mailing list's configuration. (LP: #1157881)
 * Support pagination of some large collections (lists, users, members).
   [Florian Fuchs] (LP: #1156529)
 * Expose ``hide_address`` to the ``.../preferences`` REST API.
   [Sneha Priscilla.] (LP: #1203519)
 * Mailing lists can now individually enable or disable any archiver available
   site-wide. [Joanna Skrzeszewska] (LP: #1158040)
 * Addresses can be added to existing users, including display names, via the
   REST API. [Florian Fuchs]
 * Fixed a crash in the REST server when searching for nonmembers via
   ``/find`` which we've never seen before, because those members only have an
   address record, not a user record. This requires a small change in the API
   where the JSON response's ``address`` key now contains the URL to the
   address resource, the new ``email`` key contains the email address as a
   string, and the ``user`` key is optional.

 * `mailman conf` now has a `-t/--sort` flag which sorts the output by section
   and then key. [Karl-Aksel Puulmann and David Soto] (LP: 1162492)
 * Greatly improve the fidelity of the Mailman 2.1 list importer functionality
   (i.e. ``mailman import21``). [Aurélien Bompard].

 * Add support for the Exim 4 MTA. [Stephen Turnbull]
 * When creating the initial file system layout in ``var``, e.g. via
   ``bin/mailman info``, add an ``var/etc/mailman.cfg`` file if one does not
   already exist. Also, when initializing the system, look for that file as
   the configuration file, just after ``./mailman.cfg`` and before
   ``~/.mailman.cfg``. (LP: #1157861)

 * The `bounceevent` table now uses list-ids to cross-reference the mailing
   list, to match other tables. Similarly for the `IBounceEvent` interface.
 * Added a `listarchiver` table to support list-specific archivers.

 * Non-queue runners should not create ``var/queue`` subdirectories.
   [Sandesh Kumar Agrawal] (LP: #1095422)
 * Creation of lists with upper case names should be coerced to lower case.
   (LP: #1117176)
 * Fix REST server crash on `mailman reopen` due to no interception of
   signals. (LP: #1184376)
 * Add `subject_prefix` to the `IMailingList` interface, and clarify the
   docstring for `display_name`. (LP: #1181498)
 * Fix importation from MM2.1 to MM3 of the archive policy.
   [Aurélien Bompard] (LP: #1227658)
 * Fix non-member moderation rule to prefer a member sender if both members
   and non-members are in the message's sender list. [Aurélien Bompard]
   (LP: #1291452)
 * Fix IntegrityError (against PostgreSQL) when deleting a list with content
   filters. [Aurélien Bompard] (LP: #1117174)
 * Fix test isolation bug in ``languages.rst``.
   [Piotr Kasprzyk] (LP: #1308769)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1117174 #1117174 mailman remove list fails due to constraint error on contentfilter 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1117176 #1117176 Mailman 3 allows the creating of lists with upper case but they don't work 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1156529 #1156529 Pagination for REST API collections 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1157861 #1157861 The first run of bin/mailman info should create a var/etc/mailman.cfg 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1157881 #1157881 reply_to_address isn't available in rest 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1158040 #1158040 Individual mailing lists should be able to enable/disable archivers 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1162492 #1162492 Add a sort option to the conf subcommand 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1181498 #1181498 subject_prefix is not part of the IMailingList interface 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1184376 #1184376 REST server crashes on "reopen" 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1203519 #1203519 hide_address cannot be set through REST 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1227658 #1227658 Mailman's import21 does not import the archive policy 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1291452 #1291452 Moderation rules priority 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1308769 #1308769 Languages are saved too late - after calling clear() 3 High Piotr Kasprzyk  10 Fix Released
518517 #518517 Add the equivalent of postconf(1) 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1095422 #1095422 Non-queue runners should not create var/queue/* directories 5 Low   10 Fix Released
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