GNU Mailman 3.0.0a6 "Cut to the Chase"

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GNU Mailman
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Cut to the Chase
Barry Warsaw
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3.0 alpha 6 -- "Cut to the Chase"

 * The functionality of 'bin/list_members' has been moved to
   'bin/mailman members'.
 * 'bin/mailman info' -v/--verbose output displays the file system
   layout paths Mailman is currently configured to use.

 * You can now configure the paths Mailman uses for queue files, lock files,
   data files, etc. via the configuration file. Define a file system 'layout'
   and then select that layout in the [mailman] section. Default layouts
   include 'local' for putting everything in /var/tmp/mailman, 'dev' for local
   development, and 'fhs' for Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.3 (LP #490144).
 * Queue file directories now live in $var_dir/queues.

 * lazr.restful has been replaced by restish as the REST publishing technology
   used by Mailman.
 * New REST API for getting all the members of a roster for a specific mailing
 * New REST API for getting and setting a mailing list's configuration. GET
   and PUT are supported to retrieve the current configuration, and set all
   the list's writable attributes in one request. PATCH is supported to
   partially update a mailing list's configuration. Individual options can be
   set and retrieved by using subpaths.
 * Subscribing an already subscribed member via REST now returns a 409 HTTP
   error. LP: #552917
 * Fixed a bug when deleting a list via the REST API. LP: #601899

 * X-BeenThere header is removed.
 * Mailman no longer touches the Sender or Errors-To headers.
 * Chain actions can now fire Zope events in their _process()
 * Environment variable $MAILMAN_VAR_DIR can be used to control the var/
   directory for Mailman's runtime files. New environment variable
   $MAILMAN_UNDER_MASTER_CONTROL is used instead of the qrunner's --subproc/-s

 * Allow X-Approved and X-Approve headers, equivalent to Approved and
   Approve. LP: #557750
 * Various test failure fixes. LP: #543618, LP: #544477
 * List-Post header is retained in MIME digest messages. LP: #526143
 * Importing from a Mailman 2.1.x list is partially supported.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
543627 #543627 mailman command does not initialize directory structure on first run 1 Undecided   1 Incomplete
543620 #543620 command mailman info fails when Database url does not exist 1 Undecided Barry Warsaw  3 Invalid
543618 #543618 test breaks if existing mailman.cfg is found 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  9 Fix Committed
544477 #544477 setting localhost in postfix_lmtp breaks delivery 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  9 Fix Committed
530952 #530952 mailman-3.0.0a5 fails bin/test on MacOSX 1 Undecided   9 Fix Committed
490114 #490114 Mailman should be compliant with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
593029 #593029 Mailman package in pypi won't install 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
600962 #600962 Rest getter and setter functions needed in MM3 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
601899 #601899 Delete list function in rest-server 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
266824 #266824 Add option to remove Sender header 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
552917 #552917 Subscribing an already subscribed member via REST should 409 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
526143 #526143 List-Post header should be retained in MIME digest messages 5 Low Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
557750 #557750 Mailman should honor X-Approve and X-Approved 1 Undecided Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
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