GNU Mailman 3.0.0b5 "Carve Away The Stone"

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GNU Mailman
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Carve Away The Stone
Barry Warsaw
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3.0 beta 5 -- "Carve Away The Stone"

 * Fixed Unicode errors in the digest runner and when sending messages to the
   site owner as a fallback. Given by Aurélien Bompard. (LP: #1130957).
 * Fixed Unicode errors when a message being added to the digest has non-ascii
   characters in its payload, but no Content-Type header defining a charset.
   Given by Aurélien Bompard. (LP: #1170347)
 * Fixed messages without a `text/plain` part crashing the `Approved` rule.
   Given by Aurélien Bompard. (LP: #1158721)
 * Fixed getting non-ASCII filenames from RFC 2231 i18n'd messages. Given by
   Aurélien Bompard. (LP: #1060951)
 * Fixed `AttributeError` on MIME digest messages. Given by Aurélien Bompard.
   (LP: #1130696)

 * The `mailman conf` command no longer takes the `-t/--sort` option; the
   output is always sorted.

 * The ``[database]migrations_path`` setting is removed.

 * The ORM layer, previously implemented with Storm, has been replaced by
   SQLAlchemy, thanks to the fantastic work by Abhilash Raj and Aurélien
   Bompard. Alembic is now used for all database schema migrations.
 * The new logger `mailman.database` logs any errors at the database layer.

 * You no longer have to create a virtual environment separately when running
   the test suite. Just use `tox`.
 * You no longer have to edit `src/mailman/testing/testing.cfg` to run the
   test suite against PostgreSQL. See `src/mailman/docs/START.rst` for

 * The RFC 2369 headers added to outgoing messages are now added in sorted
 * Several changes to the internal API:

   - `IListManager.mailing_lists` is guaranteed to be sorted in List-ID order.
   - `IDomains.mailing_lists` is guaranteed to be sorted in List-ID order.
   - Iteration over domains via the `IDomainManager` is guaranteed to be sorted
     by `IDomain.mail_host` order.
   - `ITemporaryDatabase` interface and all implementations are removed.

 * The Falcon Framework has replaced restish as the REST layer. This is an
   internal change only.
 * The JSON representation `http_etag` key uses an algorithm that is
   insensitive to Python's dictionary sort order.
 * The address resource now has an additional '/user' sub-resource which can
   be used to GET the address's linked user if there is one. This
   sub-resource also supports POST to link an unlinked address (with an
   optional 'auto_create' flag), and PUT to link the address to a different
   user. It also supports DELETE to unlink the address. (LP: #1312884)
   Given by Aurélien Bompard based on work by Nicolas Karageuzian.
 * The ``/3.0/system`` path is deprecated; use ``/3.0/system/versions`` to get
   the system version information.
 * You can access the system configuration via the resource path
   ``/3.0/system/configuration/<section>``. This returns a dictionary with
   the keys being the section's variables and the values being their value
   from ``mailman.cfg`` as verbatim strings. You can get a list of all
   section names via ``/3.0/system/configuration`` which returns a dictionary
   containing the ``http_etag`` and the section names as a sorted list under
   the ``sections`` key. The system configuration resource is read-only.


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1236297 #1236297 Unicode errors with PostgreSQL and RawStr fields 3 High Barry Warsaw  3 Invalid
1060951 #1060951 Bug getting i18n'ed attachment filenames (RFC2231) 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1130696 #1130696 AttributeError: Message instance has no attribute 'sender' 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1130957 #1130957 Unicode errors in mailman3 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1170347 #1170347 Digest handler crashes on non-ascii messages with no encoding header 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1312884 #1312884 REST: creating a user from an existing address 3 High Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
1400520 #1400520 /addresses/<email>/user REST resource needs documentation 3 High Aurélien Bompard  10 Fix Released
1158721 #1158721 Emails without a text/plain part crash the Approved rule 4 Medium Barry Warsaw  10 Fix Released
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