OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila) xena-2

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OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila)
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1 Archana Kumari, 1 Ashley Rodriguez, 1 Carlos Eduardo, 3 Goutham Pacha Ravi, 1 Kafilat Adeleke, 1 Maurice Escher, 1 Paul Ali, 1 Victoria Martinez de la Cruz, 2 haixin, 2 kiran pawar
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1934345 #1934345 python3.8+ test failures concerning the ipaddress module 2 Critical Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1933696 #1933696 [DOC]CephFS driver in manila 3 High Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1855391 #1855391 if all backend down, the status of share will stuck in "extending" when we extend an share 4 Medium haixin  10 Fix Released
1870280 #1870280 [RFE] add user message for share creation failure because of no share-type 4 Medium Ashley Rodriguez  10 Fix Released
1881865 #1881865 Add generic fuzzy matching logic to the database layer 4 Medium haixin  10 Fix Released
1900752 #1900752 cifs without security service error not helpful 4 Medium kiran pawar  10 Fix Released
1918959 #1918959 [doc] Missing api and admin reference documentation for new "per_share_gigabytes" quota 4 Medium kiran pawar  10 Fix Released
1923486 #1923486 [doc] Share server limits 4 Medium Carlos Eduardo  10 Fix Released
1924806 #1924806 SAWarning: Setting backref / back_populates on relationship 4 Medium Maurice Escher  10 Fix Released
1930459 #1930459 CephFS drivers: Bad target type 'mon-mgr' (pybind/ceph_argparse) 4 Medium Victoria Martinez de la Cruz  10 Fix Released
1908352 #1908352 setting manila quota raises db error 5 Low Paul Ali  10 Fix Released
1921927 #1921927 "Unauthorized" exception in glanceclient is different from those in novaclient, cinderclient and neutronclien 5 Low Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1929121 #1929121 Filtering shares by extra-specs provides wrong results 5 Low Kafilat Adeleke  10 Fix Released
1646433 #1646433 Replace assertDictMatch with assertDictEqual method in tests 6 Wishlist Archana Kumari  10 Fix Released
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