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Daniel van Vugt
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2 Alan Griffiths, 1 Alexandros Frantzis, 1 Brandon Schaefer, 2 Daniel van Vugt, 4 Kevin DuBois, 2 Robert Carr
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Release notes 

* Lots of bug fixes
* Even more code clean-ups
* Add support for Nexus 10 hardware
* Android performance improvements
* Surface resizing; almost entirely complete (just missing events now).


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    - graphics: android: improve interface for mga::DisplayDevice so its
      just concerned with rendering and posting.
    - surfaces: rename "surfaces" component to "scene".
    - surfaces, shell: Migrate Session data model from shell to surfaces.
    - graphics: change fill_ipc_package() to use real pointers.
    - mir_client_library.h: Fix typo "do and locking" should be "do any
    - API enumerations cleanup: Remove slightly misleading *_enum_max_
      values, and replace them with more accurate plural forms.
    - test_android_communication_package: Do not expect opened fd to be >0,
      we may have closed stdin making this a valid value (LP: #1247718).
    - Update docs about running Mir on the desktop to mention new package
    - offscreen: Add a display that renders its output to offscreen buffers
    - graphics: android: fix regression for hwc1.0 devices introduced in r1228
      (LP: #1252433).
    - OffscreenPlatform provides the services that the offscreen display
      needs from the Platform.
    - graphics: android: consolidate the GLContexts classes in use.
    - Fix uninitialized variable causing random drm_auth_magic test
      failures. (LP: #1252144).
    - Add a fullyish functional Udev wrapper. This currently sits in
      graphics/gbm, but will be moved to the top-level when input device
      detection migrates.
    - Add resizing support to example code; demo-shell and clients.
    - eglapp: Clarify messages about pixel formats (LP: #1168304).
    - Adds support to the MirMotionEvent under pointer_coordinates called
      tool_type. This will allow clients to tell what type of tool is
      being used, from mouse/finger/etc. (LP: #1252498)
    - client,frontend: Report the real available surface pixel formats to
      clients. (LP: #1240833)
    - graphics: android: 1) change hwc1.1 to make use of sync fences during
      the compositor's gl renderloop. Note that we no longer wait for the
      render to complete, we pass this responsibility to the driver and the
      kernel. 2) support nexus 10. (LP: #1252173) (LP: #1203268)
    - shell: don't publish SurfacesContainer - it can be private to shell.
    - gbm: Don't mess up the VT mode on setup failure Only restore the
      previous VT mode during shutdown if it was VT_AUTO.
    - Fix a crash due to a failed eglMakeCurrent() call when in nested mode.
    - shell: unity-mir uses shell::FocusSetter - make the header public again
    - Add resize support to client surfaces (mir::client::MirSurface).
    - graphics: android: support 'old aka 2012' nexus 7 hwc (nvidia tegra3
      SoC) better. (LP: #1231917)
    - Add resize support to *ClientBuffer classes. Now always get dimensions
      from the latest buffer package.
    - android: support driver hooks for the Mali T604 (present in nexus 10)
    - Add width and height to the protocol Buffer messages, in preparation
      for resizable surfaces.
    - surfaces, shell, logging, tests: don't publish headers
      that can be private to surfaces. surfaces/basic_surface.h,
      surfaces/surface_controller.h and shell/surface_builder.h
    - examples: Restore GL framebuffer binding when destroying the render
    - examples, surfaces, shell: remove render_surfaces dependency on
    - geometry: remove implementation of streaming operators from headers
      (LP: #1247820)
    - Eliminate the registration order focus sequence, folding it's
      functionality in to the session container.
    - Ensure the session mediator releases acquired buffer resources before
      attempting to acquire a new buffer on behalf of the client. This fixes
      performance regression (LP: #1249210).
    - Some cleanups to test_client_input.cpp.
    - Factor out a bunch of "ClientConfigCommon".
    - Small cleanup to session container test to increase encapsulation.
    - shell, surfaces: Another step in "fixing" the surfaces hierarchies -
      only publish interfaces and putting the data model into surfaces.
    - graphics: android: HWC1.1 use EGL to get further information about
      the framebuffer pixel format.
    - Fix FTBS using use_debflags=ON (building for android-armhf).
      (LP: #1248014)
    - Add a client input receiver report.
    - doc: doxygen 1.8.4 complains about an obsolete config so ran "doxygen
      u Doxyfile.in".
    - Implement resize() for the server-side Surface classes.
    - android: clean up mga::DisplayBuffer and mga::DisplayBufferFactory
    - Add resize() support to BufferStream, in preparation for resizable
    - Merge metadata changes from the newly reconstructed lp:mir
    - tests: Deduplicate mg::GraphicBufferAllocator stubs.
    - examples: Remove spurious use of mir/shell/surface.h.
    - frontend: remove ClientTrackingSurface from the Surface class
    - Bumping ABI on server to libmirserver11.
    - Don't mention "Renderable". That interface hasn't existed for quite
      some time now.
    - android-input: Assign more unique touch ids

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1248014 #1248014 /tmp/buildd/mir-0.1.1/tests/unit-tests/android_input/input_reader.cpp:758:36: note: 'args.android::NotifyConfigurationChangedArgs::eventTime' was declared here NotifyConfigurationChangedArgs args; 2 Critical Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1249210 #1249210 Mir client frame rate regression in r1196 2 Critical Robert Carr  10 Fix Released
1252144 #1252144 A test failing on builders with mir 0.1.1: PublishedSocketConnector.drm_auth_magic_is_processed_by_the_server 2 Critical Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1252433 #1252433 hwc10 devices don't post after rev1228 2 Critical Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1240833 #1240833 [enhancement] Mir does not have any non-alpha pixel format on Nexus 4, preventing occlusion optimizations 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1247718 #1247718 AndroidInput unit-tests fail in armhf CI (which is not Android) 3 High Robert Carr  10 Fix Released
1252173 #1252173 mir_demo_client_flicker rendering very slowly on Android 3 High Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1203268 #1203268 Mir fails to start on Nexus 10 - std::exception::what: Could not unblank display 4 Medium Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1231917 #1231917 Mir servers crash with SIGSEGV in libhybris-common.so.1 on Nexus7 when using the hwcomposer (tegra3) 4 Medium Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1252498 #1252498 [enhancement] Mir does not expose what type of tool is being used, such as Mouse, Finger etc. 4 Medium Brandon Schaefer  10 Fix Released
1168304 #1168304 eglapp logs confusing pixel format information 5 Low Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1247820 #1247820 Unnecessary implementation in geometry headers 5 Low Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
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