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download icon PLEASE-USE-SBACKUP-0.11.x (md5) SBackup and nssbackup are finally re-merged. Please use version 0.11.x of SBackup. 250
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon Release notes (md5) Release notes 121
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon nssbackup_0.3.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source tarball *with bugfixes* for manuell installation. 396
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Release notes 

I'm proud to announce release 0.3.1 of the 0.3 series of the (Not so)
Simple Backup suite.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release with coding, sending
patches, testing, reporting bugs and translating!

Series 0.3.x adds some very interesting features and is ready for daily
use. Most notable enhancements are:

* implementation of a status application which presents information of
  running backups such as backup size, progress and estimated remaining time

* implementation of a GIO/GVFS backend for access of remote targets (currently
  supported is FTP, SFTP, SSH, NFS). The backend to use can be controlled
  by a GConf setting (see https://answers.launchpad.net/nssbackup/+faq/1256)

* notification window in case of not found backup destination: you can
  directly retry to use the specified destination, after mounting an
  external disk (good for creation of backups stored on external disks
  that might not be plugged in)

See the changelog on the download page for more information.

Known issues - There are a few known issues in NSsbackup 0.3.0:

* in order to use secure remote targets (SFTP, SSH via GIO) you'll have to
  add the remote machine to your trusted machines first
  (see https://answers.launchpad.net/nssbackup/+faq/1255)
* due to default security settings it is not possible to create backups at
  remote destinations which are split into several chunks when running as
  superuser (root) using the GIO backend
* when upgrading snapshots in old Simple Backup format (1.4 and older) it is
  not recommended to use these as base for successive snapshots. Make a full
  snapshot instead.
* No Help available on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy (due to use of Mallard)
* if you want to install nssbackup from source code after you've had
  already installed it from PPA, you need to *Purge* the package (i.e.
  remove package and configuration files, not only remove) to avoid
  confusion of your packaging software about configuration files in
  system directories (namely /etc/dbus-1/system.d)


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nssbackup (0.3.1)
  * [Fix] LP #576030: nssbackup-upgrade-backups and nssbackupd crashes when
                      starting nssbackup-restoration-gui
  * [Fix] LP #616667: Unable to save configuration as superuser: OSError-File
                      exists (broken links were not removed before overwriting)
  * [Fix] LP #616497: Misleading option label: nssbackup is not cleaning up
                      incomplete/corrupt backups
  * translations updated

nssbackup (0.3.0)
  * [Fix] LP #130856: Show remaining time till backup is finished in UI
  * [Fix] LP #146619: Make a full backup now button
  * [Fix] LP #412934: escape local filename containing an equal sign
  * [Fix] LP #584294: Restoration GUI revamped
  * [Fix] LP #599865: Link to launchpad start root firefox
  * [Fix] LP #604479: Thanks to Florian Achleitner (value returned is a
                      string and was not converted before comparison)
  * [Fix] LP #613746: added commandline option to force full backup
  * [Fix] LP #601574: Changes to the "Do a full backup" text box are not noticed
  * [Change]: do purge after backup
  * [Change]: delete snapshots from restoration gui only if standalone
  * [Change]: default value for backup compression set to `none`
  * [Enhancement]: improved error handling
  * [Enhancement]: added support for GIO backend (Fuse backend can be enabled
                   by gconf setting)
  * [Enhancement]: module structure re-organized
  * [Enhancement]: code formatting and clean-up
  * [Enhancement]: D-Bus notification service implemented
  * [Enhancement]: Indicator application using libappindicator (for Ubuntu)
                   and legacy status icon implemented
  * [Enhancement]: GUI features implemented: cancel backup, progress of backup,
                   retry if target is not accessible, make full backup
  * Launchpad translations merged

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Backup integrity check Backup integrity check 5 Essential sbackup Developers  1 Not started
(ANA)CRON Support for non-admin (ANA)CRON Support for non-admin 3 Medium sbackup Maintainers  1 Not started
Configuration Assistant Configuration Assistant 3 Medium Neil Sun  1 Not started
Option for exceptions of exclusion rules Option for exceptions of exclusion rules 3 Medium sbackup Developers  1 Not started
System's software restore System's software restore 2 Low sbackup Maintainers  1 Not started
Configuration Web User Interface Configuration Web User Interface 2 Low sbackup Maintainers  1 Not started
[Tech] Use python-schedule to manage scheduling [Tech] Use python-schedule to manage scheduling 1 Undefined psoup  0 Unknown
Multiple Files Restore Multiple Files Restore 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Revert to a snapshot date Revert to a snapshot date 1 Undefined   0 Unknown
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
375817 #375817 Mandatory slash should be added automatically 5 Low   10 Fix Released
130856 #130856 Show remaining time till backup is finished in UI 6 Wishlist Jean-Peer Lorenz  10 Fix Released
130856 #130856 Show remaining time till backup is finished in UI 6 Wishlist Jean-Peer Lorenz  10 Fix Released
146619 #146619 Make a full backup now button 6 Wishlist Jean-Peer Lorenz  10 Fix Released
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