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Odoo is an open source suite of business applications.
The Web Client 6.0 (openobject-client-web) is a web frontend of Odoo for the 5.0, 6.0 series.
For 6.1 series, the next version is called "Odoo Web".

The next version called "Odoo Web" is located at in Launchpad.

IMPORTANT: the Odoo projects are being moved to GitHub at this location:

You can read more about the transition status here:

You can read more about the name change to Odoo here:

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OpenERP Project Group
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OpenERP Core Team
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6.0 series 

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Python, Javascript
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Other/Open Source

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Odoo Web Client 6.0 series is the current focus of development


Latest version is 6.0.4
released on 2012-03-22

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