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Yet another PHP framework.

The aim of Ouga is to build a very simple PHP framework so anyone who wants to learn php can use it as learning basis.
The second goal is to build a light framework specialy designd for multisite usage, or intranet deployment.

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trunk series is the current focus of development.

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php, javascript, xml, html, css, sql


Latest version is 0.3.1
released on 2010-08-14

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  • Ouga Cécé released on 2010-08-07
    Available at the top right corner. More details comming.
  • Ouga Icare released on 2010-04-13
    The first public version of ouga is now downloadable
  • 0.2 release planned on 2010-03-12
    Because we must have deadline in any project to get motivation on it, I put a...
  • Migration from svn to bzr on 2009-10-24
    I was fed up by the svn hosting on codingteam so I've migrated all the reposi...