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The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.

Series information

Project drivers:
gEDA Administrators
Release manager:
Active Development
Project development focus:
is the focus of development.
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Code for this series

The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

3713 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:pcb

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Milestones and releases

111 of 11 results
Version Expected Released Summary
pcb pcb-5.0.0 2019-01-01 not yet released Object Oriented entities and source files, drastic changes, the wish list, an...
Bugs targeted: 2 Confirmed
pcb pcb-4.2.1 2018-11-30 not yet released bug fix release
Bugs targeted: 1 New, 3 Confirmed, 11 Triaged, 7 In Progress
pcb pcb-4.2.0 2018-08-30 not yet released new features release
Bugs targeted: 8 New, 12 Confirmed, 9 Triaged, 13 In Progress, 9 Fix Committed
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 1 Started, 1 Needs Code Review
pcb pcb-4.1.2 2018-05-13 2018-05-12 bug fix release
pcb pcb-4.1.1 2018-03-31 2018-04-07 bug fix release
pcb pcb-4.1.0 2017-12-31 2018-01-27 new features release (pcb file format change)
pcb pcb-4.0.2 2017-08-31 2017-09-02 bug fix release
pcb pcb-4.0.1 2017-04-30 2017-05-07 bug fix release
pcb pcb-4.0.0 2017-01-22 2017-01-16 major version release
pcb pcb-20140316 2014-03-16 2014-03-16
pcb pcb-20110918 2011-02-01 2011-09-17
111 of 11 results
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