Percona Toolkit moved to 2.2.8

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Percona Toolkit moved to
Hrvoje Matijakovic
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1 Daniel Nichter, 6 Frank Cizmich, 2 Kenny Gryp
3 Implemented
6 Fix Released

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New Features:

pt-agent has been replaced by percona-agent. More information on percona-agent can be found in the Introducing the 3-Minute MySQL Monitor blogpost.
pt-slave-restart now supports MySQL 5.6 global transaction IDs.
pt-table-checkum now has new –plugin option which is similar to pt-online-schema-change –plugin
Bugs Fixed:

Fixed bug 1254233: pt-mysql-summary was showing blank InnoDB section for 5.6 because it was using have_innodb variable which was removed in MySQL 5.6.
Fixed bug 965553: pt-query-digest didn’t fingerprint true/false literals correctly.
Fixed bug 1286250: pt-online-schema-change was requesting password twice.
Fixed bug 1295667: pt-deadlock-logger was logging incorrect timestamp because tool wasn’t aware of the time-zones.
Fixed bug 1304062: when multiple tables were specified with pt-table-checksum –ignore-tables, only one of them would be ignored.
Fixed bug : pt-show-grant –ask-pass option was asking for password in STDOUT instead of STDERR where it could be seen.

3 blueprints and 6 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Remove pt-agent Remove pt-agent 3 Medium Daniel Nichter  11 Implemented
pt-slave-restart GTID support pt-slave-restart GTID support 3 Medium Kenny Gryp  11 Implemented
pt-table-checksum --plugin pt-table-checksum --plugin 3 Medium Kenny Gryp  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1254233 #1254233 pt-mysql-summary blank InnoDB section for 5.6 3 High Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
965553 #965553 pt-query-digest dosn't fingerprint true/false literals correctly 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1286250 #1286250 pt-online-schema-change requests password twice 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1295667 #1295667 pt-deadlock-logger logs incorrect ts 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1304062 #1304062 --ignore-tables does not work correctly 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1290911 #1290911 pt-show-grant --ask-pass prints "Enter password" to STDOUT 5 Low Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
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