Percona XtraDB Cluster moved to 5.6.28-25.14

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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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Bugs Fixed
#1494399: Fixed issue caused by replication of events on certain system tables (for example, mysql.slave_master_info, mysql.slave_relay_log_info). Replication in the Galera eco-system is now avoided when bin-logging is disabled for said tables.


As part of this fix, when bin-logging is enabled, replication in the Galera eco-system will happen only if BINLOG_FORMAT is set to either ROW or STATEMENT. The recommended format is ROW, while STATEMENT is required only for the pt-table-checksum tool to operate correctly. If BINLOG_FORMAT is set to MIXED, replication of events in the Galera eco-system tables will not happen even with bin-logging enabled for those tables.
#1522385: Fixed GTID holes caused by skipped replication. A slave might ignore an event replicated from master, if the same event has already been executed on the slave. Such events are now propagated in the form of special GTID events to maintain consistency.
#1532857: The installer now creates a /var/lib/galera/ directory (assigned to user nobody), which can be used by garbd in the event it is started from a directory that garbd cannot write to.
Known Issues
#1531842: Two instances of garbd cannot be started from the same working directory. This happens because each instance creates a state file (gvwstate.dat) in the current working directory by default. Although garbd is configured to use the base_dir variable, it was not registered due to a bug. Until garbd is fixed, you should start each instance from a separate working directory.

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1494399 #1494399 crash-safe slaves: relay_log_recovery breaks replication 1 Undecided Krunal Bauskar  10 Fix Released
1522385 #1522385 GTID holes created on cluster peers of async slave node 1 Undecided Krunal Bauskar  10 Fix Released
1531842 #1531842 Two garbd instances cannot connect to single node in cluster 1 Undecided Krunal Bauskar  10 Fix Released
1532857 #1532857 garbd fails to start on ubuntu 14.04 1 Undecided Krunal Bauskar  10 Fix Released
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