procenv 0.36 released

Written for procenv by James Hunt on 2014-08-16

* RHEL/Centos spec file - thanks Dave Love (LP: #1327594).
* Improved checks for SELinux/Apparmor (LP: #1333182).
* Added missing types from stdint.h to '--sizeof'.
* Fixed building on systems with old NUMA libraries, such as Centos/RHEL 5 (LP: #1333194). However, bug is not yet fully
  resolved since cpu details seem to be reported incorrectly on these old systems.
* Corrected SELinux detection code and added MLS detection.
* Added missing conf calls such that '--sysconf', '--pathconf' and '--confstr' combined are now on par with getconf(1).
* More man page examples.
* Major internal rewrite to handle all data as wchar_t to avoid failing in locales using UTF-8 characters (LP: #1325494).

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