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QDiskCatalog is our project for an easy, multi-plarform media indexing application or as the name suggests, a "cute disk catalog". The final application will scan your media (CD/DVD, USB, hard disks) and index contents (MP3, OGG, AVI), storing any meta-data (ID3 tags, covers), for off-line browsing and fast searching.

The application will offer some nice features. For instance, if you index your CD/DVD collection, it will let you search for songs (MP3, OGG, FLAC) and movies (DivX, etc), browse directories and files, list contents of archives (Zip, Tar, RPM), add comments/descriptions/categories, perform on-line searches, etc. Searching supports filenames, categories and comments.

QDiskCatalog stores databases in SQLite format, but import/export in XML-formatted files is also supported. QDiskCatalog is distributed under the GNU GPL3 license for GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows.

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