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Robot3D is a 3D robot simulator built on top of the open-source game engine Delta3D. The Robot3D simulator is created within the European Replicator and Symbrion projects. The prime developer is Lutz Winkler from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (for an overview of all the partners/contributors see below). The simulator makes use of OpenSceneGraph, ODE, OpenGL, OpenAL, CEGUI, and YARP. The simulator can run multiple robots in parallel and is especially tailored toward modular robots. Modular robots are swarm robots with the additional ability that they can dock together and form robot organisms. The simulator can be extended easily to support different types of robots.

- Why Robot3D?
Robot3D fills a gap in open-source robot simulation software. The competitor Webots is only commercially available to non-academic institutes. Player/Stage/Gazebo adds 3D as an afterthought and does not have a clear communication infrastructure. Robot3D is built on an advanced 3D game engine, Delta3D, and uses YARP, Yet Another Robot Platform, to decouple communicating entities.

- European projects
The Robot3D simulator is created within the European Replicator and Symbrion projects. The Replicator project is funded by the European Commission within the work programme "Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics" under the grant agreement no. 216240. The Symbrion project is funded within the work programme "Future and Emergent Technologies Proactive" under the grant agreement no. 216342. Replicator and Symbrion concerns the design of modular robots in the real world and in 3D simulation.

- Installation
Installation is easy if you run Ubuntu Maverick, Natty, or Oneiric:
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robot3d-team/ppa-robot3d
  sudo aptitude update
  sudo aptitude install robot3d-dev yarp-bin delta3d-apps

The YARP package for Penguin is already supported too.

- Partners/Contributors
See / (and for more information on the Replicator and Symbrion projects as well as the Robot3D simulator. See for a list of all the people that have directly or indirectly contributed to the simulator. Contributions are specified in the normal way by author statements in the source code files. The main developer of Robot3D is Lutz Winkler


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Robot3D Team
Robot3D Team
Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v2, GNU LGPL v2.1, GNU LGPL v3

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released on 2011-11-15

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