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sbackup is a backup solution for common desktop use.

The sbackup suite, short for simple backup, is a backup solution for Gnome desktop. All configuration is accessable via Gnome interface. File and paths can be included and excluded directly or by regex, local and remote backups supported. Very simple configuration and zero maintenance.

sbackup is basically using the same technology that Unix administrators have been used for decades but it adds some some intelligence for interaction with users within a graphical interface. This means dumps of files were created using the good old TAR but the usage is much more convenient than from a command line.

Noteable features are handling of log files, a plug-in framework and status indication. All the time compatibility between nssbackup and sbackup was, and will, preserved.

The external downloads on our PPA website can be found at:

You can update your system with packages from our team PPA by adding ppa:sbackup-team/stable to your system's Software Sources.

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