Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Shutter upload trunk None not yet released
Shutter road-to-gtk3 trunk None not yet released
Shutter plugins trunk None not yet released plugin related stuff
Shutter misc trunk None not yet released This release will target everything web-related - adding xmlrpc integration f...
Shutter gnome-shell trunk None not yet released
Shutter drawing-tool trunk None not yet released All requests and bugs related to Shutter's DrawingTool
Shutter capture trunk None not yet released
Shutter 1.0 1.x None not yet released
Shutter 0.94.2 0.9x None 2018-09-10
Shutter 0.94.1 0.9x None 2018-09-09
Shutter 0.94 0.9x None 2017-08-16
Shutter 0.93.1 0.9x None 2014-12-24
Shutter 0.93 0.9x None 2014-08-17
Shutter 0.92 0.9x None 2014-08-10
Shutter 0.91 0.9x None 2014-06-14
Shutter 0.90.1 0.9x None 2013-08-25 bugfixes
Shutter 0.90 0.9x None 2012-12-19
Shutter 0.89.1 0.8x None 2012-08-15
Shutter 0.89 0.8x None 2012-08-02
Shutter 0.88.3 0.8x None 2012-04-23
Shutter 0.88.2 0.8x None 2012-02-24
Shutter 0.88.1 0.8x None 2011-12-03 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.88 0.8x None 2011-11-24 This release is targeted for refactoring Shutters upload mechanism and adding...
Shutter 0.87.3 0.8x None 2011-07-04 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.87.2 0.8x None 2011-03-25 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.87.1 0.8x None 2011-03-10 Bugfixing release
Shutter 0.87 0.8x None 2011-02-08 This release is targeted for using libunique and all the related changes
Shutter 0.86.4 0.8x None 2010-09-12 misc
Shutter 0.86.3 0.8x None 2010-08-11 Dedicated to U1 - created a separate release because we need a new dependency...
Shutter 0.86.2 0.8x None 2010-04-29 Urgent Bugfix and DnD
Shutter 0.86.1 0.8x None 2010-04-07 bugfixes and smaller feature requests
Shutter 0.86 0.8x None 2010-03-26 This release includes all bugs that didn't get into 0.85
Shutter 0.85.1 0.8x None 2009-12-03 pure bugfix release
Shutter 0.85 0.8x None 2009-11-20 This release is targeted for improving Shutters usability - making it more in...
Shutter 0.80.1 0.8x None 2009-08-06 Bugfix release
Shutter 0.80 0.8x None 2009-07-06 This release will focus on beefing up the draw tool.
Shutter 0.70.2 0.7x None 2009-03-24
Shutter 0.70.1 0.7x None 2009-03-10
Shutter 0.70 0.7x None 2009-03-06
Shutter 0.65 0.6x None This is an inactive milestone
Shutter 0.64 0.6x None 2008-12-30
Shutter 0.63 0.6x None 2008-11-13
Shutter 0.62 0.6x None 2008-11-13
Shutter 0.61 0.6x None 2008-11-13