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Shutter 0.80.1 is a bugfix release concentrating on 8 annoyances reported by our users, but there are some interesting improvements as well.

New icons and cursors in the editor

In order to improve the usability and to help you creating more precise drawings we added a set of new cursors (inpired / borrowed from the inkscape project). Additionally we changed some of the old tool-icons to achieve a much more professional look.

Insert cursors, hundreds of tango graphics and explore your current icon theme

If you are using icons and images to highlight parts of your screenshots as much as I do you’ll like the following changes.
It is now possible to import all possible tango icons (separated by categories), cursors and even icons of your current icon theme.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
363708 #363708 small lines at the edge of small screenshots 4 Medium Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
388532 #388532 Respect stacking order of windows when selecting 4 Medium Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
397873 #397873 Shutter doesn't check permissions when auto-saving to directory after taking the screenshot 4 Medium Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
406017 #406017 settings could not be restored 4 Medium Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
396795 #396795 Jigsaw plugins are broken 5 Low Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
396797 #396797 gnome-web-photo errors not properly handled in all cases 5 Low Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
397875 #397875 Don't install anything to /usr/share/app-install 5 Low Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
404860 #404860 Paths with whitespaces in them aren't properly treated 5 Low Mario Kemper (Romario)  10 Fix Released
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