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is not the focus of development.
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1206 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:shutter/0.8x

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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
Shutter 0.89.1 None 2012-08-15
Shutter 0.89 None 2012-08-02
Shutter 0.88.3 None 2012-04-23
Shutter 0.88.2 None 2012-02-24
Shutter 0.88.1 None 2011-12-03 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.88 None 2011-11-24 This release is targeted for refactoring Shutters upload mechanism and adding...
Shutter 0.87.3 None 2011-07-04 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.87.2 None 2011-03-25 Bugfixing
Shutter 0.87.1 None 2011-03-10 Bugfixing release
Shutter 0.87 None 2011-02-08 This release is targeted for using libunique and all the related changes
Shutter 0.86.4 None 2010-09-12 misc
Shutter 0.86.3 None 2010-08-11 Dedicated to U1 - created a separate release because we need a new dependency...
Shutter 0.86.2 None 2010-04-29 Urgent Bugfix and DnD
Shutter 0.86.1 None 2010-04-07 bugfixes and smaller feature requests
Shutter 0.86 None 2010-03-26 This release includes all bugs that didn't get into 0.85
Shutter 0.85.1 None 2009-12-03 pure bugfix release
Shutter 0.85 None 2009-11-20 This release is targeted for improving Shutters usability - making it more in...
Shutter 0.80.1 None 2009-08-06 Bugfix release
Shutter 0.80 None 2009-07-06 This release will focus on beefing up the draw tool.
119 of 19 results
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