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2.3 release from the trunk series released 2015-03-19

Release information
Release notes:

New features:
- FluidSynth support.
- Some new image controls for Guichan widgets.
- Lots of AI improvements.
- Improved netcode stability.
- Spell casting improvements : a lot of additions to control spell autocasting.
- Some new features to animation scripting, such as ability to call Lua functions.
- Grayscale icons feature support.
- Cutom in-game buttons.
- A lot of minor feature additions (their amount is really too big to list all of them here, see changelog)
And huge amount of old bugs fixed.


  * Introduced crash dump writing for win32 (from cybermind)
  * Added ImageListBox, ImageTextField, ImageDropDownWidget (from cybermind)
  * Added AIScript for GameSettings to specify the AI script to use (from cybermind)
  * Added Preferences.DeselectInMine (from cybermind)
  * SetNewViewportMode function to choose viewport from Lua (from cybermind)
  * Fix fancy buildings (from cybermind)
  * Added AiSetBuildDepots function (from cybermind)
  * Added function for key scroll speed (from cybermind)
  * Improved network stability (from cybermind)
  * Added CPreference::MineNotifications, to show notifications when player-controlled mine is running low (as in Warcraft 3)
  * Fix bug #901772: Support for player color changing (from cybermind)
  * When right-clicking on mine, selected miners will go to depot if they are full of resources (from cybermind)
  * Added support for StackTrace library to log call stack into stderr in case of crash (from cybermind)
  * GetUnitsAroundUnit now supports 3 parameter for getting all units in range (from cybermind)
  * Add ability to get unit reference and CUnitType::TileWidth and CUnitType::TileHeight in Lua (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #817057: Added ability to keep selected harvester when it enters mine (from cybermind)
  * Improved auto-cast animation (from cybermind)
  * Correct explosion for critters (from cybermind)
  * Research all upgrades which were already researched on the map beginning (from cybermind)
  * Added CPreference.StereoSound, to control stereo effects (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug with alpha in DrawFrameClipTransX (from Andrettin)
  * Added option for parallel build on MSVC (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1331628: Applied Andrettin's patch for SetPlayerData, (from Andrettin)
  * Fix bug #1331788: Implemented Andrettin's patch for GetPlayerData: (from Andrettin)
  * Fix bug #1330053: Fixed bug with incorrect race name display. (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1328658: Fixed bug with IsNotSelectable flag showing info about units (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug with IsNotSelectable flag showing info about units (from cybermind)
  * Added special "~|" formatting symbol to specify the position symbol (useful for making translations with different string length) (from cybermind)
  * Generic AI collision detection for blocked units (from cybermind)
  * SetDefaultTextColors is available from Lua (from cybermind)
  * Increased sound channel count to reduce sound lags (from cybermind)
  * Added Fluidsynth support for MIDI playback (from cybermind)
  * Fixed colored text (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1357737: Fix typo for tileset. thanks to Andre Novellino Gouvêa (from Andrettin)
  * Fix bug #1328664: Applied Andrettin's patch to map scripting: (from Andrettin)
  * Fix bug #1328326: Applied Andrettin's patch to editor: (from Andrettin)
  * Fix bug #1328040: Fixed bug with rescued units icon drawing (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1327929: Apply Dinky's icons patch (from Dinky Dye Aussie)
  * Fix bug #1327505: Fixed another issue with player colors (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1282580: Fixed workers resource give up, now they are trying to find another resource (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1323483: Fixed compilation on OS Mavericks (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #706188: map clipping on 32x32 maps (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1325736: Added disabled graphics for ImageCheckBox, ImageRadioButton, ImageSlider (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1040967: Fixed bug with construction outline (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1293138: Fixed incorrect update for Kill and XP variables when upgrading-to (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #822139: Now editor correctly uses randomized mixed tile types (from cybermind)
  * Added "corpse" check for autocast spells (from cybermind)
  * Added "position-autocast" field for "autocast" spell section, allowing to set up autocast for position spells (from cybermind)
  * Fix bugs #1293004, 1094527: Added CPreference::IconsShift, to shift icons slightly when you press on them (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1234987: Fixed crash when using tabs in text (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1041837: Fixed crash when blowing up dwarves/sappers (from cybermind)
  * Added AiReleaseForce(force) Lua function, to release "force" 's units to be able to use them in another force (from cybermind)
  * Added support for new NumberDesc field, PlayerData, to get player's data (from cybermind)
  * Added CPreference::GrayscaleIcons, to enable and disable support for grayscale icons (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1121130: Correct Death Coil spell casting (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1163591: Lua access to UI.Infopanel.G, required for correct infopanel displaying (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1297726: Fixed a bug with scoreboard (non-colored player labels) (from cybermind)
  * Added Preference.AiExplores, to control AI exploration requests for resources (from cybermind)
  * Added new function SaveMapPNG to save whole terrain as png file (from cybermind)
  * Added "min-range" parameter to autocast settings, to set minimal distance for autocast to work (from cybermind)
  * IsAlive variable, allows to check if unit is alive through Lua (from cybermind)
  * Support for unit's build sound (from cybermind)
  * DamageUnit lua function to damage unit through Lua code (from cybermind)
  * Correct support for interrior tilesets. Now units aren't able to shoot through "rock" and "forest" tilesets. Use GameSettings.Inside = true (from cybermind)
  * Support for &, |, ^, ! operations in CAnimation_IfVar (from cybermind)
  * Enhanced spell casting (from cybermind)
  * Enhanced teleporting features (from cybermind)
  * Added GameEstablishing flag to control player's interaction to game (from cybermind)
  * Ability play unit's still animation while waiting (from cybermind)
  * Added second parameter to PlaySound to play sound even if it's currently playing (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug when selecting an enemy unit under counstrction would emit building sound (from cybermind)
  * Ability to automatically return goods in newly constructed depot (from cybermind)
  * Metaserver client code rewritten: now using class CMetaClient available through Lua. (from cybermind)
  * Added FiredSound property for MissileType. (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1245643: should fix compilation on *nix. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Implement lua wrapper CheckDependency. Inspired from Mikko Merikivi's patch. (patch from Mikko Merikivi)
  * Changed MissileType::Damage to NumberDesc, so you can now define uour own damage formula for missile. (from cybermind)
  * Draw some more icons with playerColor. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Increased maximum of animations to 4096. (from cybermind)
  * Adeed second parameter in CclFilteredListDirectory, which allows to use relative paths instead of absolute. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to get unittype "Name" in CclGetUnitVariable. (from cybermind)
  * Added new MissileStraightFly, which flies straightly, until it reaches terrain tile field flags mask specified in MissileType::MissileStopFlags. (from cybermind)
  * Added MissileType::KillFirstUnit flag, hich tells missile to kill first unit on it's way, rather than on destination point. (from cybermind)
  * Added ability to use clrl+alt+right click to attack ground. (from cybermind)
  * Added "attacker" property in spell autocast parameters, to control, if spell will be casted only on attacking units. (from cybermind)
  * Added ability to block missiles with Wall units, if missile was launched from land unit to land unit. (from cybermind)
  * Enhanced CclCreateMissile by addind 7th bool parameter, to make all position calculations relative to map coordinates. (from cybermind)
  * Added unittype variables TargetPosX and TargetPosY, to hold information about unit's current goal position. (from cybermind)
  * Enhanced transporters. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to build several units in row (useful for walls). (from cybermind)
  * Ability to specify setup file for map(useful for scenario maps). (from cybermind)
  * Added CclGetUnitsAroundUnit function to get all units around specified unit into table. (from cybermind)
  * Implemented spell cooldown timer ability, like in modern RTS (WC3). (from cybermind)
  * Added MissileType::ParabolCoefficient, to control curve coefficient in MissileParabolic. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to use conditions in NumberDesc using NumIf command. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to show player name for in StringDesc. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to enable OpenGL texture compression from Lua using SetUseTextureCompression function. (from cybermind)
  * Implemented old behavour for storing user data (logs, saves etc) to path where Stratagus is installed. (from cybermind)
  * Fixed map preview creating in OpenGL mode. (from cybermind)
  * ShieldPoints now a vital, so it may be modified through "adjust-vitals"/"area-adjust-vitals" spells. (from cybermind)
  * Enhanced area-adjust-vitals spell by adding Range field and addind "use-mana" boolean to control mana drain from spell usage. (from cybermind)
  * ShieldPiercing is now a variable instead of boolflag, so it may be modified through lua. (from cybermind)
  * Added ShieldPermeability unit variable, which controls damage percent absorbed by shield. (from cybermind)
  * allow distance rules to specify owner of units. (patch from Tim Felgentreff)
  * fix crash that occurs with some compilers when vector capacity isn't initialized. (patch from Tim Felgentreff)
  * feature: allow buildings to spawn buildings within their repair range. (patch from Tim Felgentreff)
  * merge lp:~timfelgentreff/stratagus/ButtonCheckUnitsNot. (patch from Tim Felgentreff)
  * Fix bug #1171053: Fix chopping wood. (Bug introduced by rev.8737). (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Add CPreference::PauseOnLeave parameter to control the game pause when the window is inactive. (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug when research don't modify the stats of non-ready buildings. (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug when player loses resources if he stops resource-using action. (from cybermind)
  * Added AND, OR, XOR and NOT operators in CAnimation_SetVar. (from cybermind)
  * Added CclDefineSpell parameter "force-use-animation" to use animation code for "self" targeted spells. (from cybermind)
  * merge lp:~timfelgentreff/stratagus/timfelgentreff-zoomeable-view. (patch from Tim Felgentreff)
  * Added CAnimation_LuaCallback which allows user to call lua functions from animations. (from cybermind)
  * Spawn-portal spell improvement. (from cybermind)
  * Added OnInit lua callback for CUnitType to initialize unit variables after creation. (from cybermind)
  * Allow user to dump unit info in log using "-i" command line parameter. (from cybermind)
  * Player can enable and disable asserts or debug messages. Use -a or -p command line options. (from cybermind)
  * Fix bug #1171053: Fix compilation under MSVC. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Added teleport spell. (from cybermind)
  * Fixed bug with transparent 32bpp images in software mode. (from cybermind)
  * Added OnImpact lua callback in MissileType to make custom effects on missile impact. (from cybermind)
  * Added SmokePrecision in MissileType to make smoke trails much smoother. (from cybermind)
  * Add possibility to specify userDirectory via commandLine. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * UI improvements. (from Kyran Jackson)
  * Particle ticks bound to GameCycle (from cybermind)
  * Access to os table through lua (from cybermind)
  * Added ExactValue (to check exact value) and ExceptValue (to pass all values except this) in spell conditions (from cybermind)
  * Network code refactoring (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Some unittest code using UnitTest++ (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Ability to scroll through idle workers list (from cybermind)
  * Ability to call some ui functions from lua (from cybermind)
  * Added an ability to define custon user in-game UI buttons (from cybermind)
  * Added autocast by variable priority (heal the wounded ones, bloodlust for strong ones...) (from cybermind)
  * Make OpenGL support optional. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #1117852: Fixed version compilation for MSVC. (from cybermind)
  * Correct handling for Warcraft 2 timed spells and health loss for time-to-live ability : the values change every cycle, not every second. (from cybermind)
  * Aility to change values in animation "set-var" by percent. (from cybermind)
  * Added poison damage which will slowly drain health for POISON_INDEX tics. (from cybermind)
  * Added fade time in "static-sprite" of DefineDecorations as third argument in table. (from cybermind)
  * Generate version string at compile time from CMakeLists.txt and from bzr revision. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Implement GetLocalPlayerNameFromEnv for Windows. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #1044862: Include png.h before anything else. This fixing compilation on ubuntu. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Added file HOWTO-NEW-RELEASE which describe how to release new version of stratagus. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #1094352: Apply Julio patch for MAC. (patch from Julio)
  * PkgConfig package is needed only on Linux for determinate Maemo platform. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #1093794: Fix bug where AI cannot build Lumber mill; Fix placement of storage shore building for AI. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Added new order COrder_Defend, which allows to send some unit to defend another. (from cybermind)
  * Added new order COrder_Defend, which allows to send some unit to defend another. (from cybermind)
  * Ability to reset AI force manually in definition instead of adding new units (from cybermind)
  * Ability to use several impact missiles in one (from cybermind)
  * DefineUnitAllow can check now upgrade-to actions (from cybermind)
  * Added CUnitType::AiAdjacentRange, which prevents AI to build anything closer to that unittype (from cybermind)
  * Refactoring CommandKey, DrawFogOfWarTile, LoadWav, HitUnit and CButtonPanel::DoClicked functions (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Added destroyAnimation in CChunkParticle which creates static particle when the debris particle dies (from cybermind)
  * Added destroyAnimation in CChunkParticle which creates static particle when the debris particle dies (from cybermind)
  * Added new flag to CAnimation_SpawnMissile "setdirection", which sets the missile's direction equal to the creator's direction (from cybermind)
  * Added ReduceFactor in MissileType for reduce damage dealt to the next unit (from cybermind)
  * Refactoring popup code parsing (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Upgrades could now have a name (from cybermind)
  * Ability to view number of free workers (from cybermind)
  * Ability to show button in grayscale if not available (from cybermind)
  * Ability to view unit's dependencies in button popup (from cybermind)
  * Refactoring Split CMapField into CMapFieldPlayerInfo code (from Joris Dauphin)
  * A lot of AI enhancements (from cybermind)
  * Flexible upgrade-to animation (from cybermind)
  * Allow CAnimation_SpawnMissile to fire missile at some position instead of unit. (from cybermind)
  * Added ability to set text color in butrton popups. (from cybermind)
  * More flexible particles (from cybermind)
  * Added ButtonCheckUnitVariable which allow to show button only if some variables pass the condition. (from cybermind)
  * Allow CAnimation_SetVar to change non-CVariable variables (currently works for DamageType) (from cybermind)
  * Ability to set missile's damage and TTL directly in MissileType (from cybermind)
  * Added BoxOffsetX and BoxOffsetY in CunitType to move selection box around unit. (from cybermind)
  * Added NoRandomPlacing flag in CUnitType to prevent random sprite rotation. (from cybermind)
  * Added MissileContinious (same as MissileStay, but can show it's animation several times and damage with Sleep period). (from cybermind)
  * Fix a crash when loading 'recycling' units. (from Joris Dauphin)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus-2.3.0.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 17,604
last downloaded today
download icon stratagus_2.3.0.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code 5,630
last downloaded 4 days ago
Total downloads: 23,234

2.2.7 release from the trunk series released 2012-08-20

Release information

  * Added CclCreateMissile function to create missiles from Lua code. from Cybermind)
  * Added MissileType::SmokeParticle (same use as SmokeMissile).(from Cybermind)
  * Alllow same units to get upgrade-to in one click.(from Cybermind)
  * CclGetUnitVariable and CclSetUnitVariable now can get and set the Max, Increase and Enable fields.(from Cybermind)
  * Added OnHit Lua callback parameter for UnitType to create some effects if unit is hit. (from Cybermind)
  * Reworked the button's popup system to achieve more flexibility (from Cybermind)
  * Added Preference.ShowNameDelay and Preference.ShowNameTime to show a popup for unit under cursor (from Cybermind)
  * Code compile now with Lua 5.2 (from Joris Dauphin).
  * Fix bug #901393: Always "network out of sync" in multiplayer mode (from Cybermind)
  * Fix bug #710187: OpenGL is slower than without OpenGL (from Cybermind)
  * Fix bug #909454: compile errors on OpenBSD. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix compilation for maemo. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #910078: worker unable to do anything after building structure. (patch from Neil Tan)
  * Fix bug #912904: Fix pathfinfing problem with unit near of goal. (patch from Neil Tan)
  * Fix bug #911062: Fix segfault. (patch from Neil Tan)
  * Fix bug #841133: Fix Action resource and DeassignWorkerFromMine. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix some regression in pathFinding. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Rearchitecturing of COrder and CAnimation. (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Add DefineDefaultResourceMaxAmounts() to define max value per resource (like tiberium from C&C). Add "Storing" in UnitType to increase MaxResourceAmount (from Cybermind)
  * New unitType flag:"Wall" which create "connection" with its neighboors. (from Cybermind)
  * New unitType flag:"NonSolid" for unit which don't forbid other unit to be in the same place. (from Cybermind)
  * New missile class "missile-class-treacer" which seek towards its target. (from Cybermind)
  * New missile class "missile-class-clip-to-target" which is clipped to the target, then animate once before deal the damege. (from Cybermind)
  * Add parameter "use-unit-var" to "spawn-missile" spell to use caster's damage. (from Cybermind)
  * Rework animation parser to have access to some variables. (from Cybermind)
  * Add impact by type. (from Cybermind)
  * Add "AlwaysFire" flag to missile to shoot even if target is dead.(from Cybermind)
  * Fix some saving issues.(from Joris Dauphin)
  * Activate AutocastSpell for non moving unit. (from Cybermind)
  * Disable buggy multithreading support. (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed mouse scroll speed (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fix bug #913621: Replace the abort and core dump by a lua_Error when unitType is unknown (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix bug #976937: Fix crashing issue when loadnig a game with more than 3 ai-forces (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix bug #993364: Fix compilation when using lua 5.2 (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix bug #1001999: Do not overwrite CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS and CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS variables, make install paths configurable (from hasufell)
  * Fix bug #1013694: Fix compilation when MNG support is active (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix bug #1020858: Fix Assert in Action_Attack (from Joris Dauphin)
  * Fix bug #1022272: Fix Assert in pathfinding (from Joris Dauphin)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus-2.2.7.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 10,190
last downloaded 12 days ago
download icon Stratagus-2.2.7-x86_64.exe (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 8,980
last downloaded 2 days ago
download icon stratagus_2.2.7.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 5,958
last downloaded 5 days ago
Total downloads: 25,128

2.2.6 release from the trunk series released 2011-12-24

Release information

  * Changed directory structure for CMake, DoxyGen and platform code (from Pali Rohár)
  * Rewrited Stratagus build system to CMake (from Pali Rohár)
  * Updated debian scripts to CMake, better Maemo section (from Pali Rohár)
  * Updated Stratagus DoxyGen documentation (from Pali Rohár)
  * Removed tolua++ source code from Stratagus tree, instead use system library (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed crashing if editor configuration script not exists (from Pali Rohár)
  * Added support for touchscreen input method at compilation time (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed bug #730283 - Fixed crashing when 2 workers enter the mine which have resources only for 1 worker (from Pali Rohár)
  * Added support for animating resource container when harvesting (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed crashing metaserver at first start (from Pali Rohár)
  * Added Lua function DebugPrint (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed bug #816573 - Fixed compilation on Mac (from ASDF)
  * Created Game header files for Launcher and Maemo extractor (from Pali Rohár)
  * Rewritten Debian control files to debhelper 7 (from Pali Rohár)
  * Fixed bug #821210 - Fixed compilation with png 1.5 (from Thomas Klausner)
  * Updated WinAPI AttachConsole, fixed for MSVC
  * Reverted back Color Cycling support (from Joris Dauphin)
  * On Windows moved Stratagus user save and logs directory to user profile directory
  * Fixed bug #685144 - Added support for any resolution from command line (from Pali Rohár)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus-2.2.6.exe (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 3,828
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus-2.2.6-x86_64.exe (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 2,162
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon stratagus_2.2.6.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 1,750
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 7,740 release from the trunk series released 2010-11-22

Release information

* Fixed crashing in OpenGL mode (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed crashing when unknown button input was pressed (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed bug #645194 - oil tanker disappears when it builds a oil platform (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed problem with building oil platform (from Pali Rohar)
* Do not drop goods after unit stop working (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed bug #622210 - Fixed memmory corruption in multiplayer network mode (from Pali Rohar)
* Added support for more game sound parts (from cybermind)
* Fixed bug #621815 - Fixed input problem with stylus on Nokia N900 (from Pali Rohar)
* Rewer back mng support (from Pali Rohar)
* Updated manpages (from Pali Rohar)
* Added tag Editor to TitleScreen in LUA (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed Debian scripts on Maemo (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed bug #621820 - Fixed draining battery poer on Nokia N900 (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed bug #650987 - Decrease scrolling speed on Maemo (from Pali Rohar)
* Include debug version of stratagus to debian package and Windows NSIS Installer (from Pali Rohar)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version - videofix 3,601
last downloaded 24 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version - videofix 1,474
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 5,323
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 2,077
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon stratagus_2.2.5.5.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 3,149
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
Total downloads: 15,624 release from the trunk series released 2010-09-20

Release information

* Fixed bug #616486 - Fixed function CursorByIdent in src/video/cursor.cpp (from Pali Rohar)
* Added Lua function SetMenuRace which set race of cursor in main menu (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed deleting OpenGL textures (from boswars upstream)
* Fixed bug #633863 - Do not show waypoints for enemy units (when SHIFT key is down) (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed autoconf/automake scripts (form Pali Rohar)
* Fixed a lot of gcc warnings while also extending the warnings flags (from Martin Gerhardy)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit version 684
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 397
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon stratagus_2.2.5.4.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 225
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,306 release from the trunk series released 2010-08-11

Release information

* Fixed Debian control files for Maemo (from Pali Rohar)
* Added LUA function IsMusicPlaying - check if music is playing (from Pali Rohar)
* Added LUA function SetFogOfWarColor - Configurable Fog of War color (from sourceforge tracker)
* Added command line params -I for setting the address when binding the sockets (from sourceforge tracker)
* Compile fix using VC2008 (from sourceforge tracker)
* Added function GetStratagusVersion to LUA scripts (from Pali Rohar)
* Added function GetStratagusHomepage to LUA scripts (from Pali Rohar)
* Added support for playing music in menu (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed Windows NSIS Installer (use relative jumps, do not allow start instaler twice, register games, ...) (from Pali Rohar)

File Description Downloads
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 32 bit verison 507
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5, sig) Windows 64 bit version 251
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon stratagus_2.2.5.3.orig.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source 128
last downloaded 24 weeks ago
Total downloads: 886 release from the trunk series released 2010-07-27

Release information

* Fixed Debian scripts for Maemo (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed OpenGL textures (from upstream svn boswars)
* Rewrited Windows NSIS Installer again (from Pali Rohar)
* Ported OpenGL engine to OpenGL ES 1.1 for Maemo systems (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed saving campaign game - multiline lua strings and lua triggers (from Pali Rohar)
* Fixed compilation in Debug mode (from Pali Rohar and sourceforge tracker)
* Added LUA function SetUseOpenGL for setting OpenGL state from scripts at startup (insted changing variable UseOpenGL) (from Pali Rohar)
* Added command line params -O and -o for force using OpenGL (from Pali Rohar)
* Added LUA function SetFullGameName - use name for WM icon and title (from Pali Rohar)
* Keep backlight alive on Maemo using libosso (from Pali Rohar)
* Added support for playing movies when OpenGL mode is active (from Pali Rohar)

File Description Downloads
download icon stratagus_2.2.5.2.orig.tar.gz (md5) Source 200
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5) Windows 64 bit version 292
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon Stratagus- (md5) Windows 32 bit version 387
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 879