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GUI to set up multimedia streams to network devices

Stream2ip is a one-click GUI to stream audio to clients in the LAN/WLAN:

 * Streaming to PulseAudio RAOP-clients (e.g. AirTunes on an Apple AirPort Express)
 * File streaming to UPnP-devices using uShare or miniDLNA (audio and video)
 * Push audio output to a DLNA renderer using pulseaudio-dlna
 * Support for Bluetooth audio devices.
 * Setting up PulseAudio RTP/Multicast streams.
 * provide an Icecast2 server to stream playlists
 * provide an Icecast2 server to stream audio from the local sound card

RAOP-clients can be connected even on systems where Avahi does not reliably detect devices.

Tune an Internet Radio capable device to your private radio station. This is generated with a single click from audio of your local sound card when using stream2ip to setup an Icecast2 server.

Audio output will be moved to a network location or Bluetooth device without the need to interrupt a running stream playback.

Recent versions are also available from ppa at

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1.0-gtk3 series is the current focus of development.

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