Terminator 0.12 "I hear voices"

Get a release out to get some testing and into Jaunty
Bug fixes, directional terminal navigation, an improved search UI, a graphical profile editor (which can't yet save to the config file), Launchpad bug numbers as URLs, and most importantly... arbitrary simultaneous typing!

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I hear voices
Chris Jones
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6 Chris Jones, 1 Jordan Callicoat, 1 Stephen Boddy, 1 Y W Sing
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10 Fix Released

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  * Bug fixes
  * Simultaneous typing support
  * Directional terminal navigation
  * Improved search UI
  * Graphical Profile Editor
  * Bug numbers for launchpad.net are now URLs

0 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
304016 #304016 --profile not working in Ubuntu 8.10 2 Critical Y W Sing  10 Fix Released
303796 #303796 Please update spec file for Fedora 10 3 High Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
308025 #308025 closing terminator windows doesn't close the processes within them 3 High Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
246297 #246297 Simultaneous typing 6 Wishlist Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
271850 #271850 terminator crashed with AttributeError in next_tab() 1 Undecided Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
280959 #280959 terminator crashed with TypeError in lookup() 1 Undecided Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
283107 #283107 gconf cursor blinking control has changed 1 Undecided Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
291184 #291184 Mouse scrolling does not work in vim, mutt etc. 1 Undecided Jordan Callicoat  10 Fix Released
308124 #308124 title in titlebox is moved to right when creating a new terminal by splitting 1 Undecided Stephen Boddy  10 Fix Released
314233 #314233 Simultaneous typing in multiple grouped terminals send all the output to one terminal 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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